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Brentford 5 Wycombe 2

Before today this season Brentford had played 27 games and had scored 33 goals. Not impressive and performances have not been scintillating. If one then excludes the first home game a 5-0 win over hapless Yoevil that comes down to 26 games and 28 goals. So before todays game most Bees fans would take scrappy 1-0 win. The reality was very different. From the word go it was clear that Wycombe were defensively the worst team seen at Griffin Park this season by a stretch. Brentford romped into a 3-0 lead by half time by playing really just average football. Decent running, passing and finishing in the box. Wycombe got a goal with almost the first touch of the second half, which some felt should have been disallowed for offside, including the linesman who had his flag up, but it seems overruled by the referee the goal stood. But Brentford carried on and in the end won easily with Gary Alexander scoring a decent hat-trick. his third goal a volley from an angle from a cross, needs to be viewed on BBC tonight. A decent bet on relegation for wycombe seems reasonable and a side bet that they will end up having conceded more goals than any other league 1 club is also on the cards. As we look tonight Wycombe are bottom having conceded 54 goals whereas Walsall who sit in the first place of safety 5th bottom have let in only 33 goals. Story told. One has to feel for Nikki Bull the ex-Bees keeper now at wycombe who posts on Twitter regularly. Tonight he reports being very low and shellshocked. The wycombe team and subs in fact included 5 ex-Bees, so maybe a learning to them.

Gary Alexander earlier this season with new headgear

A good Day and Innovation

today have been on a course learning about Innovation by an excellent expert Drew Boyd. Altogether a nice learning opportunity and a day to use some of those grey cells. This evening more cabaret in the road where I live. The gentleman opposite cannot be described as average. He seems to have regular run-ins with his builders over ” issues”, refuses to pay them and then there is shouting in the streeet. tonight it was the re-make of Romeo and juliet, with aforementioned slighted builder shouting in some foreign language up at a small window with neightbour hanging out. Eventually the police arrive and in fact came over to ask me a few questions and decided that slighted builder would be taken ” far enough away” that he would be unlikely to return and continue his vocal exercise. there was a similar sage a few weeks ago. We just get used to it! Had a major paper accepted in a major journal tonight so cue celebrations.


30th Birthday Party

The weekend was a fine time. My eldest had her 30th birthday party which went all excellently. Bellini’s in southampton were fantastic hosts and the music/cabaret from Lucinda Lashes, who I think is resident there, was great fun. Cannot recommend the place more highly and apparently the restaurant food is also reckoned to be superb. The story of the evening is best told in photographs. Although I am sorely tempted I have not put captions to any of them! The bar over the road in Oxford street served nice bitter, Doom it was called. Go and try that. Sunday was spent recovering and then 3 hours of shopping at gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth. A sort of outlet centre. Some bargains to be had but not in all shops. burger King was my treat that day!


Carshalton Athletic 3 Lincoln City 1

Without doubt one of the best games I have seen this season. Not the most exciting nor skilful but the workrate and belief of the Carshalton players that they could beat Lincoln from the Conference was there from the start. Lets be frank, Lincoln were appalling. Little or no skill and little perhaps none desire to win the game. The Ryman Premier league table will tell you that Carshalton are not the best side, a sort of mid-table berth but with a few bad results of late. Yet watching them one would imagine that they were Blue Square south level. They battled, they defended well and in fact nick Hamann their keeper did not make a save all night. All their goals were good. Paul Vines must be man of the match as he scored all of them and the thrid goal was an exquisite finish from a one on one. I am not sure where David Holdsworth can go from here. His players are either very poor or very disinterested, and tonight a cocktail of both.

The crowd of 488 was good and about double the recent home gates. The away support from lincoln was quiet and would fill a small minibus. This however was Carshalton’s night and they fully deserved it. In the next round they are away to either Newport county or Worksop and i would not bet against them winning that too. Highlights of the game? Josh Gowlings hair, David Holdsworth expressions, the look of absolute horror on the faces of the Lincoln city directors sitting in the back of the small main stand. They must wonder what next. Maybe I can give them some advice. Find 11 players who want to play football, put in 90 minutes of effort and play for the club. This is one night I am glad to be a Brentford fan and not a Lincoln city fan.

One exception and that is Josh Gowling. One notices him by the hair. He came on as a late secons half substitute but put more work in in a few minutes than most team mates had all game. He also played with a smile on his face, and he apologised to the away fans gathering like a small pack of vultures near the tunnel at the end when the players departed.


Carshalton Attack as they did most of the game


David Holdsworth, Lincoln city Manager

Carshalton attack

Striking for goal

Joe Anyon beaten by Paul vines penalty

The rustic surroundings of Carshalton

Consolation goal for Lincoln

shellshocked Lincoln directors and chairman

Paul Vines

Paul vines

Darlington Football Club RIP

What has happened at Darlington is tragic. I have always followed Darlington by default as until recently they often sat in the same league as my team Brentford. They had a perfectly good small league 2 ground that held at least 10,000 is my estimate. They then were built a huge ground seating 25,000 just off the A66 sort of in the middle of nowehere, decent stadium for sure, but never needed. Now it seems they will go into liquidation and at best emerge a few leagues below, with or without their huge ground. Tragedy and travesty. The last time I was at Darlington it was a happy day, Brentford won 3-0 to win promotion to league 1 a few years ago. Football needs to look at its soul. So much money goes into the top end that folks forget the real end. even today there are plenty of premiership footballers, not all even in the first-team, whose single salary for 2011-12 season would be enough to save Darlington. although recent crowds have been maybe less than 2,000, the original fan base in their old stadium Feethams, was around 4-5,000. These people deserve a football team and one can only hope that a pheonix club arises from the ashes in the manner that Chester city are also doing.  There is little more to say than this is a really sad day .

For anyone who is interested here are photos of Feethams, Feethams after being disused and the new stadium.  If anyone would like copies of any of these photos then contact me at

Or have a look on my football website


Main stand at Feethams in the old days

The other stand at Feethams


Feethams Disused


New ground. The away end

New Ground


Greyhounds and Odd driving

Being sunday, this means it is time to walk the rescue greyhounds in Hersham. To give you the context of the area. Hersham is a fairly small town and as one leaves Hersham there is a small road  ( lets call it a dead end ) down which is a huge cemetery and the lanes down which folks walk their hounds. At maximum it is single width for cars and horse-trailers and the like find it very difficult to navigate.

So we set off today with a pair of greyhounds and find a massive articulated lorry trying to drive down this lane. Firstly, where did he think he was going? Secondly having turned into the lane at the top it must surely have given him a clue that all was not right. This is not exactly supermarket land . But then he kept going for about half a mile until he found the dead end and he also found low electricity cables that he was about to successfully electrocute himself with and deprive the good folks of Hersham of their electricity on one of the coldest days of the year. His reward for this stunning behaviour was that he had to reverse his lorry the complete way back to the main road. I took no chances and moved my car well away from this excitement and hid it in the cemetery car park until he was gone.

Dumbo is one of the troubled greyhounds, without knowing about their previous life one must guess as to why he is a little neurotic, not liking other dogs very much. However he is a great dog to walk and gives so much pleasure. Sassy is also a bit of a worrier and likes to be by the side of the male dog that is out with her. The usual format is one walks greyhounds in their pairs, male and female. The Herhsam hounds really do so much for the greyhounds and the work they do, unpaid is amazing. this is their link

Having salvaged the car from the lorry in the evening we watched the ;ast episode in the series of Sherlock. Without exagerrating this has been the best acted and most brilliant series I have ever watched on TV. No single aspect has been anything less than brilliant.

Why would a lorry even from holland drive down this track?


This gives an idea of what the track is used for under normal circumstances


Dumbo - the troubled greyhound


Sassy - one of my favourite greyhounds

Brentford 0 Walsall 0

This was the definition of a no-score draw on a cold day. Perhaps the only excitement for Brentford fans was the appearance of Simon moore in goal who made a great save and looked a n accomplished keeper. Otherwise awful. Team selection looked like it was done with a roulette wheel but the consistent result was that all the players signed by Uwe Rosler are worse than those departing. A very boring afternoon indeed.

Southampton General Hospital

Well the Cayman Islands bound daughter boarded her flight and zoomed off across the atlantic on wednesday, so the blog reverts to being also news from the UK for her. Well the first piece of news is that the weather has turned. Tonight it is only 9pm but freezing fog is already dancing down upon our road. This morning we were greeted by frost all over the fields behind us. Yesterday was spent mostly in or near Southampton. a visit to Southampton General hospital is always a curious affair. Firstly one is greeted by a queue to get into an exhorbitantly priced car park, that proudly states just where you enter that if you are stopped here there is a 60 minute wait. Also unusual but necessary is that on the very top floor of the car park is an air ambulance in bright yellow. As one walks into the main entrance the first thing to notice is that there are more shops than in many high streets. Not only newsagents and the suchlike, but clothes shops. The first shop however is a solicitors and the NHS wonders why it has so many claims against them? Healthy eating? No sign of that. Burger King, Costa Coffee ( cost a lot 1.90 for a really inedible cup of black coffee ) and some sandwich type shop. But the most curious thing was a queue of young parents mainly, all with children in prams or pushchairs all queueing to get into the childrens orthopaedic outpatients. The queue stretched almost 50 yards and was creating chaos in the corridors.

I had a decent meeting there with a rheumatologist with whom it would be good to do work, then a drive back to Hartney Wintney, a little Hampshire village just off the M3, where a dinner with my colleagues was held in an Italian restaurant called Mama Mia. Nice dinner and nice food. The place was packed, not bad for a thursday evening.

Tooting and Mitcham 4 Billericay 2 Glenn Poole

Billericay slumped to only their fourth league defeat of the season with Tooting scoring 3 second half goals. At half time with Billericay leading 2-1 , despite tooting having taken the lead it seemed normal service was resumed in the Billlericay march to promotion. The billericay side were a big side in all ways, with comments coming from the Tooting fans along the lines of  ” well at least your stomach was offside”. And tooting were mostly blown away in the first half. The second half was vastly different. Tooting played the football on the ground, certainly had the luck but just about deserved the win. I went to see Glen Poole play. He had a quiet game and was substituted midway in the second half. If I was a betting man I would still bet on Billericay to get promotion, maybe via the play-offs at worst . If I were Tooting, I may be looking for a new goalkeeper.

Billericay come close. This one was headed off the line


Handbags at two paces lead to yellow cards

Billericay defend

Glenn Poole

Cake and other Food things

One good thing about having an 11 year old is that they constantly surprise you. For example I would never have surmised that baking would become an integral hobby for her and certainly not so young. Monday night we were treated to cheese and onion pasties of a decent standard and yesterday a large Caramel Cake was born. It is now half eaten and delicious. Another strange happening is that our strawberry plant , about 3 years old, and producing fruit until nov 25th , is still growing leaves. This is despite frost and cold temperatures. Curious. I dont know much about these plants but growth in December and January must be a little unusual.

A tasty Caramel Cake

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