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Nice Food Photographs

Garlic pizza bread. A nice starter

Garlic pizza bread. A nice starter

Chicken with asparagus and peppercorn sauce. Courgettes and oven potatoes.

Chicken with asparagus and peppercorn sauce. Courgettes and oven potatoes.



Apple Crumble. The Italian version.

Apple Crumble. The Italian version.

The Well. A restaurant and cocktail bar. Clerkenwell. London. Toss the barman for free drinks?

The Well is what i would call a Gastro Pub Restaurant in London. Excellent food and drinks. The only disadvantage is that there is no underground or train station nearby. They have started an interesting experiment. In fact they often have interesting experiments there and my visit was in fact using Tastecard which gave me 50% the food bill.

Every tuesday you can gamble the price of your drinks by rolling a pair of dice.

  • double 6 = free
  • Odd number = pay half
  • Evens = Pay up

Excellent idea. Love it.

The photo below is not from The Well but could have been.

Really superb food

Pan Fried Cod and Broccoli

Pan Fried Cod and Broccoli

A New Hotel in Terminal 3 Heathrow Airport

Well sort of. Was worried that these folks might kick each other in the head and the advert for the restuarant behind amused me. Enjoy as there is little else to enjoy about Terminal 3



SnowAlthough I have been to Stockholm a few times I have never truly appreciated what a pleasant city it is. This time snowbound, everything looked cute but everything worked. Trains and planes and cars were all on time, taxi drivers spoke eloquently and engaged passengers in meaningful conversation. The people all looked young. Maybe the old ones get locked away in some sinister plot. As one arrives at Arlanda Airport, they really do play ABBA music to welcome you and photos of famous people like ABBA and Roxette adorn the walls of the luggage reclaim area. T

There is a price to pay and that is literally true. This city is expensive and is best visited when someone is paying the bill. A Croque Monseiour would cost you over 12£. Coffee usually is around 4-5£. Hotels are pleasant places where receptionists are helpful and smile. They are also warm. One of main complaints this last winter has been arriving at Marriott hotels to find that the room heating has been switched off for seemingly the last millennium. On my arrival it happily gets turned on but then takes the length of my stay to warm the room up.

The characters in Stockholm also are straight from the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I could have cast that film many times just by sitting in a cafe and looking around. Lastly the food. It is good. The restaurants have a kind of laid back attitude where service is good but not to the point of being obsequious. Tables have gingham cloth covers and serve you pretty much what you want. I had Meatballs. I could have had massive Steaks. This is a place to come back to, but please someone invite me and pay my bills while I am there. The street names are right out of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo like Sodermalm.

The Food in Barcelona. Rotten octopus pasta.

There is  nothing wrong with Spanish food but what I have been served this week has been in general terms very poor. Let me rant through it. The hotel breakfasts at Diagonal Zero hotel were the same each day, and I don’t mean the same type of food but the same food exactly. What was not eaten was put back. Pineapple with black bits attached of dubious origin appeared each day. Eggs of various descriptions appeared and all uniformly ranging cool to cold in temperature.

Dinner night 1 – in the hotel bar an alleged Salmon Club Sandwich –  well ok, nothing major to complain about

Night 2 – Dinner in Barcelona FC. Set menu. first course smelled of rotten fish and I think was rotten fish ( octopus in ravioli with squid ink sauce) followed by uncooked  steak with vegetables so small that they may have been grown in Gullivers Kingdom . Lukewarm

Night 3 – Tapas. Ok ish. Everything fried. Fried cheese on a stick, fried this, fried that…… vegetable. Lukewarm.

Night 4 – Harmless Burger and chips in hotel

Night 5 – Set menu in restaurant called Limbo. Strange assiette of starters , I assume a sort of Tapas, including deep fried asparagus. Main course of chicken bones in nondescript sauce, all Lukewarm

Maybe this goes down as good food there but for me I just cannot eat uncooked, lukewarm, horrid looking food. And thats why I have lost weight this week in Barcelona. What I would have given for a KFC

Squid Ink surrounds a lukewarm octopus in pasta. Believe me it smelled worse than it tasted.

30th Birthday Party

The weekend was a fine time. My eldest had her 30th birthday party which went all excellently. Bellini’s in southampton were fantastic hosts and the music/cabaret from Lucinda Lashes, who I think is resident there, was great fun. Cannot recommend the place more highly and apparently the restaurant food is also reckoned to be superb. The story of the evening is best told in photographs. Although I am sorely tempted I have not put captions to any of them! The bar over the road in Oxford street served nice bitter, Doom it was called. Go and try that. Sunday was spent recovering and then 3 hours of shopping at gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth. A sort of outlet centre. Some bargains to be had but not in all shops. burger King was my treat that day!


Oldham 0 Brentford 2

An interesting week but one sadly that ended with me getting up at 4 am to travel to Heathrow and head for Dublin for a day of work. Why saturday? good question but the Irish often hold meetings then and I agreed to give a lecture on ADHD. Actually it all went well over there, nice audience and nice people. but to be waiting for a taxi booked for 5 am when it did not turn up was not idyllic. the guy rang me and said where was I, to which i replied outside my house. He was somewhere else, anyway then he arrives and the next piece of joy when he tells me in a very foreign language that this is his second day in the job and he has no idea how to get to Heathrow! now at 5 am i am cutting it quite fine timewise, thinking who else would be on the road. Well it all worked out. security at Terminal 1 did their best too to make me late. They stopped a sikh guy as he had what looked like a keyring and instead of just pulling him to one side and getting on with it, they stopped the whole security queue from moving. Anyway got picked up in a nice Mercedes limo and whisked off. Central dublin was so empty.

Return flight  in the middle of the afternoon meant no football for me today and that is painful, so no photos to upload. The tannoy announcer at Heathrow made me laugh as he sounded just like the ” compare the meerkat, compare the market” voice. Flights both ways on BMI who have that look of an airline in freefall. The staff are all generally morose and they seem to stop flying to where I want to go (Glasgow, Leeds, Durham Teeside) and initiate flights to where no-one in their right minds would want to go, places with Kazakstan, BAKU and tripoli, all come to mind. flight was maybe 60% full at best.

Brentford seemed to have played well at Oldham. They were 1-0 up and Llera got sent off for two yellow cards, but then Weston got a second. Season is looking good. If we can win a few home games then things could be interesting.

Kim may have reached Honduras by now. she had a wretched flight series with a 8 hour stop over at Newark, amounting to overnight and then a 2 hour delay on the final flight out of Houston but still seems happy on her blog. We will see her in about a month when she has qualified as a trained Scuba instructor.

The last produce from the garden was eaten tonight, before you get excited, they were 5 small strawberries from the eternal strawberry plant. We leave it out each winter where it gets rained on and snowed on and frosted, yet comes back stronger the following year. Our potatoes also seem to be growing somewhat, so homegrown charlotte potatoes for xmas are planned.

During the week had a few nice meals out. Red Peppers in Esher is worth a mention and Reds in Wimbledon and using my lovely Taste card getting 50% the food bill, it is quite cheap to eat out except when wife decides to have copious quantities of vanilla vodka………….

Finally work has been busy this week. I took part in a debate over ADHD at the UKAAN meeting at a venue that was next to the Savoy hotel, called IET Savoy Place. Great venue. Old fashioned lecture theatre with modern frills. Loved it. Am becoming increasingly fascinated with ADHD and things will be interesting next year when more adults start getting diagnosed with ADHD.

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