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The Well. A restaurant and cocktail bar. Clerkenwell. London. Toss the barman for free drinks?

The Well is what i would call a Gastro Pub Restaurant in London. Excellent food and drinks. The only disadvantage is that there is no underground or train station nearby. They have started an interesting experiment. In fact they often have interesting experiments there and my visit was in fact using Tastecard which gave me 50% the food bill.

Every tuesday you can gamble the price of your drinks by rolling a pair of dice.

  • double 6 = free
  • Odd number = pay half
  • Evens = Pay up

Excellent idea. Love it.

The photo below is not from The Well but could have been.

Really superb food

Pan Fried Cod and Broccoli

Pan Fried Cod and Broccoli

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