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Brentford Bow Tie…. well for dogs 

As we near season end my daughter has started her dog bow tie and bandana production line … as you do just before her GCSE…. feel free to order one in the Bees colours as below…. they look sensational! Bees Dogs! 

How to make a humble slice of cheesecake look interesting

Drizzle some cream…. put on a band of minted chocolate… red currant coulis… redcurrants… blueberries… blackberry…. strawberry chopped up… add a cumquat on top… easy . Delicious too 

24 Hours of eating in  Berlin when working. Marriott Midtown Grill

Berlin is mostly a city that given a little time one can walk around. The train station sits centrally 15 minutes walk from Brandenburg gate and Tiergarden. 

Walking really is the best way to see this city especially if travel time is all the time you get to see the city when working. 

The food is interesting and despite a few little quirks, the Marriott Midtown Grill is not a bad little restaurant although not cheap. This time of year is white asparagus season. So a meal of asparagus, salmon and potatoes seems a good choice and it was. Cheesecake is always a good choice . Nice touches included free bread. In fact a small loaf really. A pretzel with the beer. And if one wanted toasted marshmallows with the bill! 

A few strange aspects of German cuisine include the painted boiled eggs seemingly on offer in most German airport lounges. 

Floodlight Design. Something to admire in Leamington. Anything Brentford can learn for Lionel Road? 

Leamington FC are a team in the Southern league. A parallel universe to the Ryman league. They have permission to build a new ground 5000 capacity. 

The design looks great but the floodlights look incredible. Hyde used to have similar design with their floodlights. Floodlights are not often discussed in an architectural sense but are in fact often what fans first see when looking for a ground. Their recent role has been more as conduits for mobile phone masts. 

The old traditional designs have often been replaced by newer designs and inbuilt into stands. But this design from Leamington looks good and below a photo of the excellent old lights at Met Police . 


Not much more to say 

SouthWest Airlines response to the United Airlines fiasco . 

Rarely do I laugh out loud at a post and even less often at an advert. But this is clever and funny. 

On a separate level how bad is this for United Airlines? You cannot simply drag passengers off a plane . End of.  As an n=1 I will never travel with them again. 

Digital Pet (Dog/Cat) Portraits and Hand Sewn Dog Bandanas. A new online shop. Take a look!

Dog owners are constantly looking for new dog related items. One recent development is the dog bandana that attaches to the collar and can be removed/added easily .  Digital portraits of a dog/cat can now also be drawn by those with the expertise to use the various computer drawing tools.

The good news is that these are now available online to buy, and are created from scratch when ordered. Prices are cheap and these can make ideal presents.

Those that follow Instagram can find a lots of photos and examples at @bluecornmoondesigns

Here are a couple of examples but the designs are potentially limitless.

Shyla WMNala WM

IMG_9352IMG_9365Juniper WM

Curious to advertise Fulham season tickets in the middle of a Brentford match report? 

At Brentford we have some great journalists on the local newspapers are generally we fans feel well informed. I tend to read all their reports on Facebook and twitter and like them as well. 

The reality of the modern world is that adverts appear everywhere on social media and in my experience are uncannily targeted to my likes. 

So I am not sure what to make of this curious advert for Fulham season tickets in the middle of a Brentford match report! I guess my personal geography makes me slightly nearer Fulham than Brentford . Maybe it’s simply that… 

Horses in training at a football ground! There cannot be many grounds in the world like this. Imber Court home to Met Police FC. Ryman Premier 

The small single entrance to Imber Court home of Met Police fc who play in Ryman Premier can easily be missed. It’s kind of go past the clubhouse and the lazy German Shepherds grazing in the sun on the grass, past the swimming pool and look for the hole in the fence. There is however a second entrance essentially next to the turnstile which advertises the mounted branch of Met Police and horses in training. Maybe the only example at a football ground in the world? 

Metropolitan Police win with almost the last kick of the game. Met Police 2 Needham Market 1. Ryman Premier

With only 4 games left this season each side had plenty to play for in this game played in bright sunshine at the excellent Imber Court. Met Police have come from being bottom of the division to potentially a place of safety but really needed 3 points, having been on a wretched run. Needham Market sit in the play off positions but with 4 sides on 58 points things were certainly tight. 000087250000872000008730

The game was fairly even in the first half with a number of chances for both sides. Neither keeper though had real saves to make.


Needham Market score the opening goal


Charlie Collins penalty for Met Police


In the second half Needham Market took the lead but a Charlie Collins penalty evebed things up, until injury time when Roman Michael-Percil, who had been causing havoc in the Needham defence for the last 20 minutes scored a superb goal with a shot from inside the box.


Roman Michael-Percil scores the winning goal

Overall a great game , played at pace with none of the cyniscism seen often in league football. A special mention for the referee Damith Bandara, who was one of the best officials I have seen this season in league and non-league games. What I particularly liked was that he took no nonsense from the players nor the coaching teams, sending one of the Needham coaches off . This is a good referee and I look forward to seeing more of him. 0000872800008687



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