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Can You Drink The Water In Urinals?

And thanks for the clarification that the water in the gents urinal in Orly airport is non-drinkable…. does this mean that someone actually asked this as a question or worse drank it?? 

Anyone Know Who Might Own These Keys? 

Someone has found them under car seat. Devon or Cornwall areas possibly.  The finder has no idea whom they belong to . 

The Husky Who Discovered Ice In UK. What did he do? A short video

A four month old puppy. Three quarters Husky and the rest Cocker Spaniel. Which is actually a great mix and represents brilliance from the breeder . The mixture tend to ameliorate the bad bits of both. As long as you like exercising them. Or they exercise you ? He is called Wolf and discovered Ice in the park. Here is his attempt to remove it. ttps://

Sunrise in Suburbia 

Just simple random photos of a nice sunrise on a cold morning . Sometimes it is nice just to take a few minutes to look around at what nature gives us. Even on a freezing cold morning. 

Rumour is True. Sun arrives in Surrey. Motspur Park 

Even a few hours of sun is enough to remove some of the water . Vast improvement over yesterday . Not every white dog returns black and boggy. 

Some artistic license with these photos. Enjoy 

A Very Wet Park. 

Brentford v Newcastle . A curious afternoon and maybe an indicator of the rest of the season? 

On paper a mid table side sets out to topple a promotion certainty side . However a lot more is at stake. Brentford performances recently have been dubious and inconsistent and the superb performance last week was not predicted. 

There are two ways the season might go. A decent run of league results seeing us sit maybe in 10th place. A horrid run of results that see us in a relegation battle. Very difficult to call the direction on this . 

Our squad needs to lose the fringe players. The squad should only contain players good enough for the championship . Sadly that means Bonham, KK, Saunders, Hoffman all need to move on. The jury is out on Barbet and Yennaris. My own view is that they are not good enough . 

We all know what we need but importantly we also need options. Sometimes Plan A does not work and we need a different approach during a game. A further thing needed in my view is far more engagement with the fans than Dean Smith currently exhibits. Fan forums would be a good start. Maybe also acknowledging in his press conferences mistakes . Certainly a little bit of warmth too. Martin Allen was a revelation last week . Fans need to engage with the manager as they did with Warburton. 

Lastly players need to start a game at high tempo . I can see no reason why not. Players need to play to their potential . Ryan Woods has ranged from brilliant to inept . And similarly most players. 

Smith might also consider blooding more young players. Exactly what Holldack and others will learn from B games is unclear. Either play them or send them on loan to a league club or let them go. They need to play football. Week in week out. 

Tomorrow against Newcastle will be a challenge. For me a good result is a draw. But a spirited draw. 

Tesco Art. Car Wash Photography

It is said that cameras should always be carried everywhere. Now my proposal is that this should extend to the car wash at Tesco. I give you two such photos . 

Eastleigh Fans Were A Credit To Their Club

At the recent Brentford v Eastleigh FA Cup tie, around 1600 Eastleigh fans made the trip and were in fine voice before the game.

What was notable was the large cohort of younger football fans attending and a positive sign moving forward for non-league football. There were a few more curious sights that defy giving a clear caption!000069450000694300006944

Even as the game went away from Eastleigh who were 5-1 down at half time, the fans stayed behind their team in a very vociferous manner.


img_4294img_4298img_4301 A mixture of scarves, hats, inflatable spitfires and superman type outfits (albeit in blue) made for a series of great visual imageries. 00006946Even the setting off of a flare did not cause too much disruption. 00007017Few more nice touches were of their manager Martin Allen taking the crowd plaudits from both sets of fans. Martin allen has been one of the most liked managers in the history of Brentford.

The Beauty of Non-league football. A few photographs from a cold January afternoon

Live football is a great game and can be easily distinguished from the reality TV nonsense that so often represents the fare delivered from the Premiership. Skill levels may be greater in the Premiership but nothing beats seeing and smelling the action from close up.  Things that would seem an anathema to stewards in league football happen weekly in the non-league arena. To put it simply, the rules are sensible. Fans can stand and drink beer on the terraces, fans can often bring well behaved dogs on a lead, fans can purchase good quality food at reasonable prices .

This is football played ny normal people and watched by those who genuinely love the game. To anyone with a camera there are many photo opportunities to observe all manner of real life at football.

Although I often go to non-league football games to watch and photograph the actions and the players, there are also some great images to be had from the fans and officials alike. Here are a few shots taken from the Ryman South game 2nd January 2017 Chipstead v Carshalton Athletic.


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