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A few hours somewhere in the Rome suburbs in early May

It is early May and the weather is surprisingly warm. I am somewhere in the Rome suburbs for a meeting this evening . This gives me the chance to just walk around for an hour or two. 

First impressions are that few speak English and chaos reigns. Smoke is everywhere in the usual Latin way and folks amble along down the streets with no evidence of speed.  The buildings are mostly old and not so well kept. Even some of the buildings give the impression of smoking with wisps of white cloud above them. 

A few pizza restaurants are open along the main streets. But a pleasant place to stroll around in the sunshine. Avoiding the cars is the most important thing as they drive and park seemingly everywhere.  Curiously I did see one car with what I imagined to be a parking ticket. It was the only car parked seemingly in a proper place! Cars parked on pedestrian crossings were not unusual 

All the offices and houses have entry systems that look like they are some random game. 

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