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Snow in UK. Not so bad in the south as they say

Despite warnings of snow related doom in the south it seems we got off mildly. Which means the understanding of the chaos at Heathrow with two thirds of flights cancelled, or diverted to Prestwick, complex to understand. Essentially we had maybe 1-2 inches of snow saturday night which has all melted either sunday or monday. anyway rather than wittering a few photos to remind us of the weather as it was. I wish it all had stayed longer but then I am biased as wanted the photos.

Snow falling saturday night at its heaviest

Night shot using long exposure

The following morning

Cake and other Food things

One good thing about having an 11 year old is that they constantly surprise you. For example I would never have surmised that baking would become an integral hobby for her and certainly not so young. Monday night we were treated to cheese and onion pasties of a decent standard and yesterday a large Caramel Cake was born. It is now half eaten and delicious. Another strange happening is that our strawberry plant , about 3 years old, and producing fruit until nov 25th , is still growing leaves. This is despite frost and cold temperatures. Curious. I dont know much about these plants but growth in December and January must be a little unusual.

A tasty Caramel Cake

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