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New Volcanic Eruptions in Iceland? August 18th

News is coming out of Iceland that volcanic eruptions may be on their way. Iceland is a great country if a little over-familiar with the giant hot dog and hamburger.  Not the kind of stuff that Iceland Tourism wants to hear about, just when things are getting better, the Icelandic Krona is weaker ( making a cup of coffee less than 5£). The aviation industry have been warned of a “code yellow”. The worry being that an eruption may lead to an ash cloud.

A level of uncertainty has been declared in Bárðarbunga volcano, located in the northwestern Vatnajökull glacier, Southeast Iceland, due to an increase in seismic activity in the volcano.Bárðarbunga is Iceland’s second highest mountain at 2,000 meters (6,562 feet). The largest earthquake , 3.8 in magnitude, occurred near Kistufell last night and apparently continues. In fact near constant earthquakes have been occurring in the volcano for 3 days , as stated on the website of the Iceland Met Office. More than 1,000 earthquakes were recorded in Vatnajökull over the weekend, the majority of which were between 1.0 and 2.0 in magnitude. There is no indication that magma has yet reached the surface.

The Icelandic meteorlogical office issue a map at

On a scale of 1-5 their advice is colour coded and yellow equals a 3/5 risk that background activity is greater than normal but nothing is yet imminent.  Keep watching this space.



The Geyser is coming. Iceland. Copyright Chris Bushe

The Geyser is coming. Iceland. Copyright Chris Bushe

IMG_5265Ghostly Swirlsimag3eIMG_7517

Copyright Chris Bushe

Copyright Chris Bushe

Copyright Chris Bushe

Copyright Chris Bushe


Paintings of Iceland

Iceland is a land of waterfalls and geyers. What if they erupted again as a volcanic island? What would the Geysers and Waterfalls look like. Here you have my impressions.  To see much more of my photography please visit

Copyright Chris Bushe

Copyright Chris Bushe

Copyright Chris Bushe

Copyright Chris Bushe


kebab vans galoreIn my travels I do see a fair amount of utter nonsense. Today in Copenhagen is no exception.  A taxi driver driving me to the airport with an obvious fairly flat left front tyre, needs also to be known that the temperature was minus 4 and dropping to minus 15 tonight, snow and ice on the roads in abundance ( and he drove more like Evil Knievel than anyone else). On me pointing this out he helpfully told me ” that is because air is escaping from the tyre”.

But the greater nonsensical thing today by far was as one walks from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2, which is easy at Copenhagen Airport, about 30 yards maybe, one passes a little food van perched on the corner of two roads. It calls itself the Happy Kebab. And it might , who knows, I know little about the happiness or otherwise of the kebabs in Copenhagen. But then on the end of the van was an exhortation to ” Follow Happy Kebab on Facebook”. I am still thinking as to exactly why anyone would want to follow Happy Kebab on Facebook. So I will and would advise that we all should

We could create a certain amount of confusion if we all follow them, tell our friends to and generally whip up a world wide interest in how happy the kebabs are!

Painshill Park, Cobham

Painshill is a place that I have been coming to for over 10 years. It may be my  favourite place in  the United kingdom. Each season makes it seem so different. I am guessing here but if you look back through this blog over the last 8 months there will be a fair few hits about Painshill. Sunday as the ice and snow was melting on the paths i captured the bleak side of Painshill. The lake was frozen with slush on the top and hence the “geeseprints”. enjoy and do please visit.

Birdprints mean bird was here

Geeseprints on the lake

Cold Goose

A bleak wintry Painshill

Snow in UK. Not so bad in the south as they say

Despite warnings of snow related doom in the south it seems we got off mildly. Which means the understanding of the chaos at Heathrow with two thirds of flights cancelled, or diverted to Prestwick, complex to understand. Essentially we had maybe 1-2 inches of snow saturday night which has all melted either sunday or monday. anyway rather than wittering a few photos to remind us of the weather as it was. I wish it all had stayed longer but then I am biased as wanted the photos.

Snow falling saturday night at its heaviest

Night shot using long exposure

The following morning

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