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kebab vans galoreIn my travels I do see a fair amount of utter nonsense. Today in Copenhagen is no exception.  A taxi driver driving me to the airport with an obvious fairly flat left front tyre, needs also to be known that the temperature was minus 4 and dropping to minus 15 tonight, snow and ice on the roads in abundance ( and he drove more like Evil Knievel than anyone else). On me pointing this out he helpfully told me ” that is because air is escaping from the tyre”.

But the greater nonsensical thing today by far was as one walks from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2, which is easy at Copenhagen Airport, about 30 yards maybe, one passes a little food van perched on the corner of two roads. It calls itself the Happy Kebab. And it might , who knows, I know little about the happiness or otherwise of the kebabs in Copenhagen. But then on the end of the van was an exhortation to ” Follow Happy Kebab on Facebook”. I am still thinking as to exactly why anyone would want to follow Happy Kebab on Facebook. So I will and would advise that we all should

We could create a certain amount of confusion if we all follow them, tell our friends to and generally whip up a world wide interest in how happy the kebabs are!

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