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The Animals of Farthing Wood go down to Painshill Park Cobham

A grey day but some of the creatures came out to play

A grebe and a fish

A goose with a wish

A ruined abbey at the end of the day

A swan who dribbles

A goose what quibbles

And a fish that had had its say

IMG_7254 IMG_7258 IMG_7283n IMG_7259y Ruinded Abbey At Night copy Ruinded Abbey At Night IMG_7253

Painting of Goose

This poor goose had a damaged leg but seemed happy enough at Painshill park


Goose Painting

Painshill Park, Cobham

Painshill is a place that I have been coming to for over 10 years. It may be my ¬†favourite place in ¬†the United kingdom. Each season makes it seem so different. I am guessing here but if you look back through this blog over the last 8 months there will be a fair few hits about Painshill. Sunday as the ice and snow was melting on the paths i captured the bleak side of Painshill. The lake was frozen with slush on the top and hence the “geeseprints”. enjoy and do please visit.

Birdprints mean bird was here

Geeseprints on the lake

Cold Goose

A bleak wintry Painshill

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