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A3 Tolworth Crash. Chaos North and Southbound 

A crash around 7 am has closed the northbound A3 at Tolworth causing massive tailbacks . In addition there are significant delays to southbound traffic from further than New Malden. 

The roads off the A3 including A 2043 to Worcester Park are also chaotic. Personally would advise avoiding the whole area and using an app like Waze to determine your best route. 

A few photos from New Malden southbound A3 

The Animals of Farthing Wood go down to Painshill Park Cobham

A grey day but some of the creatures came out to play

A grebe and a fish

A goose with a wish

A ruined abbey at the end of the day

A swan who dribbles

A goose what quibbles

And a fish that had had its say

IMG_7254 IMG_7258 IMG_7283n IMG_7259y Ruinded Abbey At Night copy Ruinded Abbey At Night IMG_7253

Foggy A 3 Looking like a scene from Dr Who

Again occasionally the I Phone gets a decent photo. The A 3 around Esher is always worse from weather viewpoint!


Painting of Goose

This poor goose had a damaged leg but seemed happy enough at Painshill park


Goose Painting

Painting of Gothic tower at Painshill Park

Painshill Park is a wonderful park in surrey near Cobham, with lakes and beautiful walks. It was built with a number of follies around 250 years ago created by Charles Hamilton between 1738-1773.  One of the follies is the Gothic tower which is on the edge of the A3. If one were an estate agent one might describe it as a tower with good access to pylons.  these are not really paintings but my attempt to create a photographic painting through a little manipulation here and there.

Painting of Gothic Tower at Painshill Park by chris Bushe

Painting of Gothic Tower at Painshill Park by chris Bushe

Gothic Tower

Winkworth Arboretum

Winkworth Arboretum is a National trust property about 5 miles from Guildford in a quaint town called Godalming. The most striking thing about Godalming is that the houses are massive and the Waitrose in the centre of town even larger. The impression given is that a huge crater was created into which Waitrose slotted to fill the hole, and the road then re-built to bypass said Waitrose. But I digress. The Arboretum is a decent place to walk but sadly the extensed winter meant that few plants were visible today other than the occasional daffodil or snowdrop. No evidence of the Magnolias coming to life.

The walk is also not an easy one, many steps and slopes means that the walk  might not be suitable for all. Can it be recommended? Maybe. One needs to return when spring has made an appearance to be decisive but I suspect it will become a nice place to walk. The Boathouse, is what it sounds, an old hut by the lake, but with chairs and old books in it gives the impression of a real old room. A sign on the door mentions that the NT have applied for permission essentially to have music and alcohol in here. Sounds good.

Winkworth Arboretum IMG_0144 IMG_0148 IMG_0150 IMG_0154 Winkworth Arboretum

Travel in UK

This morning it took me 47 minutes to travel 3 miles down the A3. Reason? A broken down coach blocking one lane of a two lane underpass at Hook in Surrey. Judging by the amount of traffic this has happened some time before. So, what Herculean efforts were going on? after all this was the rush hour on a wednesday morning. Well, one bored looking man standing next to the coach with a truck that looked like it would struggle to transport a small car let alone a coach. The coach had emblazoned on the back Oak Coache. I thought I would type into google the company name to see if there was anything interesting. a search revealed potentially there were 41.1 million interesting things. On narrowing things down and looking for Oak Coaches, there is such a company based in New Malden and the website invites folks to ” write a review”.  However on maybe 10 minutes searching, it seemed no website and no e-mail address could be found. Unusual for a business?

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