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Met Police 7 Cray Wanderers 1

A rather one-sided Ryman premier game where the home side were 5-0 up at half time and the second half became damage limitation from Cray.

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Paul Vines and Kingstonian FC. How the hair has changed. Great Style

Paul Vines is one of the best finishers I have seen at this Ryman League level and have always been somewhat surprised that he has not played much higher standard football, perhaps conference level. He is now back with Kingstonian and sporting a somewhat different hairstyle to when i last saw him play for Carshalton. Maybe the most interesting hairstyle in the Ryman league?


Paul vinesIMG_8754Paul vinesPaul vines2

Carshalton 1 Kingstonian 3. Photos.

Not a good day for Carshalton who in the end were well beaten. Despite going in 1-0 down at half time the game could have gone either way until two quick kingstonian goals killed the game. A decent crowd today 391. Carshalton still do not look a bad side but are going to have get points out of tough games like this if they are going to stay up. Kingstonian look like play off contenders and with Paul Vines in their side could be dangerous for any team. A good game, lots of action and not too much niggle. a good day out.

Not a bad photography month for me either as a humble amateur, four programme front covers, photos in four programmes, photos in local papers, photos on Ryman League website and photos on Surrey FA website. Enjoying this. Makes it all worthwhile.


Crowd Goal IMG_8703 IMG_8704 IMG_8715 IMG_8728 IMG_8739 IMG_8742 IMG_8747 IMG_8750 IMG_8754 IMG_8757 IMG_8783 IMG_8784 IMG_8788 IMG_8789 IMG_8790 IMG_8797 IMG_8798 IMG_8799 Paul vines Pinney in air Shirt Pulling

Carshalton 3 Tooting 0

On the face of it a straightforward game. A routine 3-0 win against a demoralised and dejected and frankly awful looking Tooting side, with a routine hat-trick from Paul vines. The crowd of around 280 was a little higher than in recent weeks that maybe reflects a good run of being unbeaten in now 5 games. But there is a backdrop to all this and as usaul can only give a personal opinion. On arrivial at around 2pm at the ground a leaflet was thrust more than given to me extolling the need for all Carshalton fans to boycott the final home game of the season in two weeks. This as a protest against their manager / owner Paul dipre. A litany of reasons are given on the A3 piece of paper that range from bad results, failure to talk to the fans enough and many more between. When reading Twitter and other social media one reads not about the good run of late but this litany of complaints against Dipre. what I have seen in the 5 games that I have attended this season is a good team that I have chosen to come and watch over other non-league teams, because they play good football and give 100% effort. This is what I saw today, a superb hat-trick from Paul Vines, who also incidentally you will see in one of the photos defending his goal from corners and free-kicks. On the terraces I heard not a single shout against the manager all game? So is this all helpful? In my opinion sadly not. The fans should get behind their team and not effectively penalise them which is what their actions achieve. Furthermore to do this via some silent leaflet and to hear nothing in the ground suggests a little dissonance in their actions. No one can deny that today Carshalton were good. Maybe the fans ought to give Dipre more time and more encouragement. Relationships have broken down and one suspects that for all parties to meet halfway might be the optimum solution.

The game itself. It was clear from the start that Tooting were dejected and well on their way back to Ryman South. It was the worst team I have seen at this level for a while and rarely did they look like scoring. The photos tell the story really.

Carshalton Athletic 3 Lincoln City 1

Without doubt one of the best games I have seen this season. Not the most exciting nor skilful but the workrate and belief of the Carshalton players that they could beat Lincoln from the Conference was there from the start. Lets be frank, Lincoln were appalling. Little or no skill and little perhaps none desire to win the game. The Ryman Premier league table will tell you that Carshalton are not the best side, a sort of mid-table berth but with a few bad results of late. Yet watching them one would imagine that they were Blue Square south level. They battled, they defended well and in fact nick Hamann their keeper did not make a save all night. All their goals were good. Paul Vines must be man of the match as he scored all of them and the thrid goal was an exquisite finish from a one on one. I am not sure where David Holdsworth can go from here. His players are either very poor or very disinterested, and tonight a cocktail of both.

The crowd of 488 was good and about double the recent home gates. The away support from lincoln was quiet and would fill a small minibus. This however was Carshalton’s night and they fully deserved it. In the next round they are away to either Newport county or Worksop and i would not bet against them winning that too. Highlights of the game? Josh Gowlings hair, David Holdsworth expressions, the look of absolute horror on the faces of the Lincoln city directors sitting in the back of the small main stand. They must wonder what next. Maybe I can give them some advice. Find 11 players who want to play football, put in 90 minutes of effort and play for the club. This is one night I am glad to be a Brentford fan and not a Lincoln city fan.

One exception and that is Josh Gowling. One notices him by the hair. He came on as a late secons half substitute but put more work in in a few minutes than most team mates had all game. He also played with a smile on his face, and he apologised to the away fans gathering like a small pack of vultures near the tunnel at the end when the players departed.


Carshalton Attack as they did most of the game


David Holdsworth, Lincoln city Manager

Carshalton attack

Striking for goal

Joe Anyon beaten by Paul vines penalty

The rustic surroundings of Carshalton

Consolation goal for Lincoln

shellshocked Lincoln directors and chairman

Paul Vines

Paul vines

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