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Greyhounds and Odd driving

Being sunday, this means it is time to walk the rescue greyhounds in Hersham. To give you the context of the area. Hersham is a fairly small town and as one leaves Hersham there is a small road  ( lets call it a dead end ) down which is a huge cemetery and the lanes down which folks walk their hounds. At maximum it is single width for cars and horse-trailers and the like find it very difficult to navigate.

So we set off today with a pair of greyhounds and find a massive articulated lorry trying to drive down this lane. Firstly, where did he think he was going? Secondly having turned into the lane at the top it must surely have given him a clue that all was not right. This is not exactly supermarket land . But then he kept going for about half a mile until he found the dead end and he also found low electricity cables that he was about to successfully electrocute himself with and deprive the good folks of Hersham of their electricity on one of the coldest days of the year. His reward for this stunning behaviour was that he had to reverse his lorry the complete way back to the main road. I took no chances and moved my car well away from this excitement and hid it in the cemetery car park until he was gone.

Dumbo is one of the troubled greyhounds, without knowing about their previous life one must guess as to why he is a little neurotic, not liking other dogs very much. However he is a great dog to walk and gives so much pleasure. Sassy is also a bit of a worrier and likes to be by the side of the male dog that is out with her. The usual format is one walks greyhounds in their pairs, male and female. The Herhsam hounds really do so much for the greyhounds and the work they do, unpaid is amazing. this is their link

Having salvaged the car from the lorry in the evening we watched the ;ast episode in the series of Sherlock. Without exagerrating this has been the best acted and most brilliant series I have ever watched on TV. No single aspect has been anything less than brilliant.

Why would a lorry even from holland drive down this track?


This gives an idea of what the track is used for under normal circumstances


Dumbo - the troubled greyhound


Sassy - one of my favourite greyhounds

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