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You Grumpy Old Baker- but you are the best

For many years we buy bread, croissants and other stuff from an Italian bakery about 3 miles away. So it means a special trip and finding somewhere to park is sometimes complex, but it is worth it. This is the best bread in the area by a long way. There is usually cabaret in the shop for no price added. The actual baker, who I think runs the shop with relatives, might be wrong, is a little bit grumpy sometimes and very grumpy at others. Dont get me wrong, he is not rude, just a little bit on the Victor Meldrew scale. This is a compliment to him. Yesterday his grumpiness was in full swing. ” Can I have 60 grams of …..” ” no the smallest we do is 100 grams and have not done 60 grams minimum for years”. He gives short shrift to anyone who does not have their precise order on the tip of their tongue. Yesterday a full blown moaning session because 3 consecutive customers wanted half a Bavarian loaf ( delicious actually), or small loaf. He had none.

But we will miss these characters when they go. Tesco is not a good second option. we should be embracing our small shops and thats why my effort to buy bread from Grumpy Baker is well worth it!

A good Day and Innovation

today have been on a course learning about Innovation by an excellent expert Drew Boyd. Altogether a nice learning opportunity and a day to use some of those grey cells. This evening more cabaret in the road where I live. The gentleman opposite cannot be described as average. He seems to have regular run-ins with his builders over ” issues”, refuses to pay them and then there is shouting in the streeet. tonight it was the re-make of Romeo and juliet, with aforementioned slighted builder shouting in some foreign language up at a small window with neightbour hanging out. Eventually the police arrive and in fact came over to ask me a few questions and decided that slighted builder would be taken ” far enough away” that he would be unlikely to return and continue his vocal exercise. there was a similar sage a few weeks ago. We just get used to it! Had a major paper accepted in a major journal tonight so cue celebrations.


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