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Tooting and Mitcham 4 Billericay 2 Glenn Poole

Billericay slumped to only their fourth league defeat of the season with Tooting scoring 3 second half goals. At half time with Billericay leading 2-1 , despite tooting having taken the lead it seemed normal service was resumed in the Billlericay march to promotion. The billericay side were a big side in all ways, with comments coming from the Tooting fans along the lines of  ” well at least your stomach was offside”. And tooting were mostly blown away in the first half. The second half was vastly different. Tooting played the football on the ground, certainly had the luck but just about deserved the win. I went to see Glen Poole play. He had a quiet game and was substituted midway in the second half. If I was a betting man I would still bet on Billericay to get promotion, maybe via the play-offs at worst . If I were Tooting, I may be looking for a new goalkeeper.

Billericay come close. This one was headed off the line


Handbags at two paces lead to yellow cards

Billericay defend

Glenn Poole

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