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There is too much tolerance of appalling behaviour in football . Notts County are taking the right stepsĀ 

A number of clubs have had players found guilty of either racist or sexist abuse of players and officials. Arsene Wenger felt it appropriate to physically abuse a fourth official last weekend.  Seemingly clubs are tolerant of this behaviour and wrongly in my opinion stand by their players at least in public. Although some of these acts indeed are done in a red rage and suggest the emotional lability of adult ADHD many culprits have a lot of previous form. 

Notts County currently residing in the relegation places in league two are having tough times on the field. They have however sacked their manager John Sheridan and released the reasons why. For this I applaud them. Sheridan not only abused the officials following a defeat by Wycombe but also threatened to knock them out. He was sacked for gross misconduct and given arguably a pointless five game touchline ban. His reward for this behaviour was to be appointed manager at Oldham in league one only ten days later.  Chairman Alan Hardy said such behaviour would not be tolerated by any employee.”This is a family friendly club which aims to be a pillar of the local community”  . In the referee’s report, referee Ilderton said Sheridan repeatedly swore at fourth official Matthew Donohue and also threatened to “knock him out”.

Far too often clubs do not castigate their players for offences that frankly are not acceptable on or off the pitch. Shelvey at Newcastle is a case in point . Players continue to give the impression that they feel they are superior to their paying public and the rules of the world need not apply to them. The papers today report that Granit Xhaka the Arsenal player was questioned over claims of racial abuse to an airport employee when a friend arrived late for a flight and was denied boarding. People and footballers do make mistakes and have a higher prevalence of emotional volatility than the general population however the simple reality that they are mostly more affluent than the general public cannot be seen as a reason why they should not pay the consequences. 

Notts County can thus be applauded for taking not only the correct decision but making public the reasons why. 

Brentford 5 Wycombe 2

Before today this season Brentford had played 27 games and had scored 33 goals. Not impressive and performances have not been scintillating. If one then excludes the first home game a 5-0 win over hapless Yoevil that comes down to 26 games and 28 goals. So before todays game most Bees fans would take scrappy 1-0 win. The reality was very different. From the word go it was clear that Wycombe were defensively the worst team seen at Griffin Park this season by a stretch. Brentford romped into a 3-0 lead by half time by playing really just average football. Decent running, passing and finishing in the box. Wycombe got a goal with almost the first touch of the second half, which some felt should have been disallowed for offside, including the linesman who had his flag up, but it seems overruled by the referee the goal stood. But Brentford carried on and in the end won easily with Gary Alexander scoring a decent hat-trick. his third goal a volley from an angle from a cross, needs to be viewed on BBC tonight. A decent bet on relegation for wycombe seems reasonable and a side bet that they will end up having conceded more goals than any other league 1 club is also on the cards. As we look tonight Wycombe are bottom having conceded 54 goals whereas Walsall who sit in the first place of safety 5th bottom have let in only 33 goals. Story told. One has to feel for Nikki Bull the ex-Bees keeper now at wycombe who posts on Twitter regularly. Tonight he reports being very low and shellshocked. The wycombe team and subs in fact included 5 ex-Bees, so maybe a learning to them.

Gary Alexander earlier this season with new headgear

Wycombe 0 Brentford 1

Bees win again. thats five wins from 7 games and we remain 4th. It was a sort of reserve bees side as they have maybe 6 players who are probably first choice who would have been playing. a brief summary of the game might be this: bees were much the better side, they won with a penalty that was ridiculous for wycombe to give away. Lee made some world class saves in the second half and in the end we were hanging on. Charles and I had the pleasure of some dubious dire conversation behind which included gems like ” he knowingly knew” and ” wycombe is almost in wales”. These were also two of the more interesting comments. In fact change conversation above to monologue.
Sunday was walking the greyhounds day. Elena and I had some type of Scooby doo greyhound called ” ariel”, who leapt as high as she walked in front! Sweet dog though.
Looks like the rubbish weather we are promised this week, the tail of the hurricane from east USA is arriving. Windy and rainy. You will certainly notice the difference from Mexico. Animals all remain well and Shadow is a fairly competent catcher of moths and butterflies in case you need those. Would like advice re Hedgepig’s diet. What else can he eat except mealworms and cat food? Garden slugs maybe?
Hope all well.

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