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Fairly Poor Response From Stevenage Regarding Serious Allegations of Poor Stewarding

A week ago I posted a letter of complaint from Grimsby fans via their Mariners Trust relating to clearly inappropriate stewarding examples included women being asked to show their bras.

The response here is poor and needs to be taken further in my view. Have a read and see what you think. I plan on sending my personal views to Stevenage .

Stevenage Update

Woking 1 Halifax 1 . Photos from the game.

An excellent opening goal for Woking from Bruno Andrade00000027The game was fairly end to end and both goalkeepers were kept busy.

000000320000000900000025Maybe the linesman also wanted a piece of the action? And a little maybe of Halifax rugby league also?


00000008And finally other action shots


A Day Out On The River. Fulham 1 Brentford 4

As 6,151 Brentford fans were there today and witnessed a fantastic game when frankly Brentford were not at their best and often caught out by long balls from Fulham, yet scored four fantastic goals, world class at least two of them. Fulham is always a decent day out. You have to go by train as there is no parking, and the ground gives decent views from all stands. A nice walk through the park to get there and the only negative is the excessive and unnecessary numbers of stewards present in and out of the ground and the police presence was absurd. This is Brentford not Leeds.

So a few photos to remind us of this incredible day out.

photo 1-2 photo 1 photo 2-2 photo 2-3 photo 2 photo 3-2 photo 3-3 photo 3 photo 4-2 photo 4-3 photo 4 photo 5-3 photo 5

Nonleague Football Folks. A Photographic Medley

Watching non-league football sometimes allows one to watch some of the other spectators. The football action at Met Police V Bury Town was at times so one sided that one gentleman spent the whole half facing in one direction. Boys being boys behind the goal, eating and climbing and being boy like. Girls all walking together around the ground. Bury Town away fans taking their banner down as their team went 3-1 down in the first half. All good cabaret if the football was not good enough, and actually the football was excellent yesterday.


Football Stewards make you feel safe

Football Stewards make you feel safe

IMG_0700b IMG_0722 IMG_0724 IMG_0733 IMG_0738 IMG_0739


Carshalton Athletic. Sad Times

To give some context, I am a Brentford supporter of almost 50 years who until recently travelled both home and away. Recently this has changed and on a number of saturdays in the season I go to local non-league games and photograph them. As such I have visited Walton , Met Police, Tooting and Carshalton, amongst others. Without any doubt the most friendly welcome has been at Carshalton. Not only has the club been kind enough to allow me in and use my photographs but the general football enjoyment has been very high. We are not watching Pele or Messi but are watching a group of motivated and for many of them talented players. Behind all this has rumbled dissatisfaction with management and owners, not totally unlike what happens at many clubs to be frank. But this has gone in my opinion too far. Last season a group of ” fans” thrust leaflets at fans coming to games and indeed boycotted games and this season the personal abuse that has been visible to any watcher on Twitter has been unacceptable in my view.  I do not pretend to know all the facts and in fact why should I. I do not fund nor run this club, but merely turn up 6 times a season and enjoy my saturday. In fact the game versus Billericay was the single football game I have enjoyed the most this season. But now things have turned very dark, unacceptably so. Last week there was managerial change, again for reasons not fully known to me but the club made a decision and that is that. The team then were losing 5-0 at half time away at a good Ryman Premier team, Lowestoft and since then I have followed a string of tweets that lead me to writing these short opinions. It would seem that some fans who travelled were abusive over and beyond what is acceptable. This below comes from the Carshalton AFC website verbatim and I would encourage anyone to follow this story on there.

I will make only one comment. At some stage if fans become so negative that they harm their club, they cease being fans. Personal abuse against anyone in non-league football is not acceptable. This is a game and not a business at this level. It is here to be enjoyed. My own view is that I have always enjoyed watching Carshalton and would regard myself as a supporter now. These events are sad and need to end now.


Below is what is written on the website above

On Saturday evening Ian Hazel rang to tell me of the abuse he was subjected to, by a small number of people, claiming to be Carshalton Fans, who stood behind the dugout during the game against Lowestoft.


Ian rang again on Sunday morning and explained how he had discussed the situation with his family and was  not prepared to continue. I asked him to think about it over night.

There have been various discussions during the day including with Paul Williams and myself. Clare Dipre and Kelly Anscomb also met with Ian when the effects of of the abuse became clearer. This evening Ian wrote to me by email including a statement:

“Having been a player , coach ,manager & supporter of Carshalton Athletic i have no choice after being asked to manage the 1st team to step down after Saturdays disgraceful scenes .

I will not stand there and listen to the abuse that was aimed at myself as it was on Saturday. There was no need for it and it was vile , obscene & personal and was not very nice for not only myself but staff and the group of young players we have at the club.

I do not believe anyone should be subjected to this and i certainly will not just sit there and take it. I will however stand in temporary for 3 weeks or sooner to enable the club to find the right person to take the club forward .

I  feel i have been very loyal to Carshalton Athletic and have worked hard for 7 years where others have just walked away including numerous players last week.. I have had to step in 4 times as Manager as a caretaker before to enable the club to find the right person.

It is a big shame to have made this decision as i feel as an ex professional footballer , ex manager of 6 non league clubs , ex Premier League Academy coach & UEFA “A” Licence coach i am  sure my experience and knowledge would have only benefited the club long term.I know all the players from Under 18s to 1st team and given time would have got the right blend of youth & experience  .”

The club has no choice but to accept his position and I have apologised to Ian on behalf of the club.

In my opinion, the events of Saturday were unacceptable on every level.

There was absolutely no reason for Ian to be the target of anything. He was committed to making a success of the first team and just wanted to get on with the job.

It appears that the sole purpose of the abuse was to try to make Ian resign in order to damage the first team and the club. To that extent it has succeeded.

Two well known individuals have been named by on-looking Carshalton fans as those responsible for the alleged abuse. The club will be investigating the incident.

Ian is, and will remain to be, an integral part of the club. I do hope for the next three games the fans can show Ian the overwhelming support he deserves and enjoys from every part of the club.

The club wish to stress that the allegations of abuse apply only to a maximum of two people.


Paul Dipre




I am not a fan of football stewards, and in many cases they often cause trouble that otherwise would not have been there. However today the stewarding at Chelsea was good, almost invisible and appropriate. End of story. What caught me eye though was the head gear worn by one steward who looked more like he should be with Bear Grylls out on an arctic expedition, rather than in the sunshine of Stamford Bridge. But my question is this. Could he actually hear and see anything? ImageImage

Yoevil 3 Brentford 0. Divine intervention fell on the crowd but not the Brentford team

One of the crazy things in football is how Chelsea can be European champions, and even crazier thing is how one week Brentford can effectively beat Chelsea and then lose comprehensively to Yoevil Town. 

To be positive a visit to Yoevil is always pleasant, the roads lead straight there, car park right next to the away terrace for a mere 2£, decent programme, but Bees always seem to lose and never seem to have much luck. Essentially, that was the pattern from yesterday, and after Bees missed a few chancesthe writing was on the wall. A lucky rebound for a first goal for Yoevil, a stunning volley for a second and a decent third. Brentford to me played the wrong team from the start with the wrong tactics with the wrong attitude. The pitch before the game looked good, but as soon as the game started it was clear it was a pudding of a pitch. Bees were well beaten, and frankly beaten on merit, effort and luck. Marek Stech the Yoevil keeper looked as good as I have seen this year, other than our own Simon Moore. 


How can football fans live their lives without Stewards? Let us rejoice in their wonder and let rays of sunshine descend onto their heads.

The importance of stewards at football is renowned. I feel so safe when I see the stewards, well trained in social and administration skills, and clearly combat at times too. However clearly those of a Divine nature have the same opinion as evidenced by a single ray of sunshine onto this Steward at Yoevil Football club yesterday.
What would we do without stewards? I must thank the ones yesterday for frisking me so thoroughly to ensure that I was not carrying in items such as plutonium or other radioactive substances, or maybe Semtex cleverly disguised as a football programme, or even a dreaded water bottle. Such attention to the important things in life makes me forgive them for not knowing where such unimportant things are such as gents toilets, refreshment kiosk or why they were attempting to cram a large cohort of Brentford fans into only half the terracing initially. Luckily I engaged them in some counting of numbers activities that extended beyond binary, and all said terracing was then opened. But feel free to suggest what they might have been searching me for?Image

England v South Africa. Day 5. Oval

As most people expected this game was over by tea. But England, well some of them did put up a fight. Ian Bell and Matt Prior worked hard and were somewhat unlucky in getting out. Ravi Bopara looked the average county player he is. But the real story of this game is the great weather, the fact it went 5 days and the superb South African bowling, England were outplayed frankly in almost every regard except Wicket keeper where AB de Villiers looked average to poor.

As a result of making ticket prices 15£, the Oval was decently filled with only the hospitality guests absent as judged by their empty boxes. Dozens of pints were consumed, seemingly by some individuals, and the food prices remain too high for me with the choice poor. A picnic every time for me. But a great day out, a great test match.

Lastly, the stewards. What exactly is their role? Some were gifted lovely luminous jackets with “steward” emblazoned on the back, if we might not have guessed, but others had simeply ” response” on theirs and green jackets. None of them performed any useful purpose other than on occasions blocking visibility. but there again Bopara’s batting or a stewards bottom? The difference is what?

Ian Bell

Ravi Bopara departs bowled

South Africa Keeper and Slips[gallery columns="1" orderby="ID"]

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