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Woking 1 Halifax 1 . Photos from the game.

An excellent opening goal for Woking from Bruno Andrade00000027The game was fairly end to end and both goalkeepers were kept busy.

000000320000000900000025Maybe the linesman also wanted a piece of the action? And a little maybe of Halifax rugby league also?


00000008And finally other action shots


Hereford United. Please read this and support . Great effort by fans

Hereford are famous for many things including FA cup wins when non-league. They have been a league club for many years and then fell into the conference a few years ago. They now find themselves in desperate straights. A decent club in an area with a small catchment so crowds rarely were over 3-4,000 even when gaining promotion to league one.

Today by voluntarily asking fans to pay extra and season ticket holders to pay 10£, they have raised £6,711 at the home game today and £3000 in the 24 hours before that from fans. They need to find 35K in the next 14 days to pay a PAYE bill.  The good news though is that they beat Cambridge United 1-0 today in that game.

Donations can be made here


Average crowds have been falling also over the last few years:

  • 2012-13  1793
  • 2011-12   2553
  • 2010-11  2516
  • 2009-10  2138
  • 2008-09  3421

Woking 2 Wrexham 0

The nearer one gets to the end of the season the more certain matches matter. Woking are safe in the conference and in fact are the most successful part-time club in the UK. Wrexham are a full-time club striving to be back in the football league where they belong. The reality before this game was that their most likely channel would be the playoffs and after this game this is now a certainty. However it is worth just thinking how much football needs to be played by the better sides that are successful in the cup competitions and in fact Wrexham won at Wembley the FA  Trohpy a few weeks ago. They looked tired and most likely were tired having played 48 hours before. Woking were on top for most of the game and always looked the likelier team to score and they duly did twice in the second half in front of 1500 supporters. Jayden Stockley scored both goals and missed a simple chance for his hat-trick. He was the best player on the pitch. The other player to impress, mostly in the first-half was Dele Adebola, who is still a physical handful at this level.


IMG_0545_1 IMG_0572_1 IMG_0585_1 IMG_0598_1




chris Maxwell

chris Maxwell

IMG_0629_1 IMG_0653

Dele Adebola

Dele Adebola



Jayden Stockley scores his second goal versus Wrexham

Jayden Stockley scores his second goal versus Wrexham

Ron Rawlings RIP

Ron Rawlings I never met but is an example of a character without which football would simply fail to exist. He was the long standing kitman at Woking FC. From the tributes that were written about him in the Woking V Wrexham programme it was clear that he both a friend and an important contributir to many players at Woking. Without these unsung heroes nonleague footbal would simply not exist. He died after a long illness on Easter Sunday 2013.

A few humble photos to pay a little tribute to someone admired.

Ron Rawlings Tribute

Ron Rawlings Tribute


Away Football Fan numbers. A curious selection 12 or 28!

Whilst watching all the scores come in on Twitter I could only but notice that at at Lincoln V Telford in the conference there were 12 away fans, and at Gillingham v Accrington in League 2, there were 28 away fans. Weather I suppose a factor today but still fairly shabby numbers.

Woking 1 Alfreton 2. Blue Square Conference. Photos and short report

There were a few games that could be chosen today. Brentford were away at Preston and that was a trip too far. This game stood out as Woking is a friendly club, reasonably close, easy parking anf the two sides were close enough together in the league to suggest an even game. I think I am correct also in that both these sides are not full-time like an increasing number of conference sides are. A crowd of 1500 arrived on a pleasant if cool afternoon but the rain held of. 15£ is the admission price and £3 for a programmes and 3.50 for a cheeseburger.

The game was an even game but one felt that Alfreton always had the edge. Alfreton took the lead with a goal midway through the first half and Woking equalised before half time. The winning goal, a diving header that was unchallenged came around the 60th minute and from then on Woking never really looked like scoring again. Alfreton look like a side that will exist easily in mid-table but Woking need to hope that there are 4 worse sides come end of April.

Woking is also a good ground at which to photograph during daylight but today the light was poor and the floodlights not very strong, and I would guess that there were two stops difference in areas of the pitch. For those with photographic interest, most of my shots were taken initially with 1/1000th and 4.5, using ISO around 600, but by the end the ISO was up to 6400 and shutter speed down to 1/320th.  A decent day out.


Old Main Stand at Woking

Alfreton defending Gangnam Style

Alfreton Score First Goal



Mansfield 5 Darlington 2

As was in the area on a work trip I decided to drop in and watch the game. Mansfield is always a friendly place to watch a game and usally half way decent football too. £16 to get in at the away end. Pastie and Mars Bar for tea. The game was frenetic. Darington looked like scoring whenever they went forward and conceding whenever the ball was in their box. The Mansfield striker Matt Green got a hat trick, a typical centre forward who has scored over 20 goals this season and one can see why. Turns out that the darlington team in the main are just youngsters and they did exceptionally well. Great goal from Macready. Keeper did well.

Photos below to give a flavour of the game. Not really up to usual standard as floodlights not strong and had to use ISO speed 6400 with only 1/250th speed. Anyway enjoy. Have a look at the penalty. Mansfield must have been super confident he would score as none of their players enter the box at all! In fact where are they?

My claim to fame is that I had breakfast in a small hotel near the Millenium Stadium with the grandparents of Marc Bridge-Wilkinson, when Brentford were playing Port Vale there. Of course he scored and always did against Brentford.  in case anyone interested my footbal grounds website, which is going to have a a massive overhaul soon is at

Good luck to Darlington. I shall buy some shares tomorrow.

The ground


What is he doing? Jordan Pickford

Goal for Mansfield

The closed down stand with maybe a hole in its roof??Penalty first photo

Penalty second photo

Penalty third photo

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