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A quick walk through the Graveyard to the Bar sir? Wales is a most curious place.

Reflections on my first 24 hours in Wales are what a curious place this is. It rains all the time, the signs on the roads seem to deflect you to the wrong place, and generally things are not quite what they seem. My hotel for example. To get to the hotel reception and bar/restaurant there is no option other than walk through a graveyard. A fully functioning graveyard. I can only think that when God designed Wales he had Alice in Wonderland as his template. Bit of an overdose of mad hatters though for sure. A small electric car was parked at The Angel Hotel in Abergavenny. Raining. Windows down. In fact are there any windows? The car was charging in fact. The hotel as well was curious in that each room I attempted to go into to find my meeting was being knocked down or redecorated. My Graveyard hotel, might as well be named, St Pierre at Chepstow, is full also of curious folks. Couple of business types talking in that business way in the corner, loudly, muttering words like  ” cash” and ” business forecasts”. In fact they are having a few pints of something nice. A daughter maybe calls one of them to be told ” I am in a meeting”, with the word ” meeting” embolden as though it were a place next to heaven.

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Bishop Paul Bushe 1490- 1558 Bristol Cathedral

Bishop Bushe was the first Bishop of Bristol Cathedral appointed by Henry 8th in 1542. He lasted 12 years before getting married in 1553 and then being thrown out for being a married priest in 1554. Nonetheless he has a decent tomb inside Bristol Cathedral. My interest in all this is that I am descended from him. He wrote some poetry and other small itesm that include, according to Wikipaidia  ” ‘Certayne Gostly Medycynes necessary to be used among well disposed people, to eschew and avoid the comen plage of pestilence’ (Redman, no date). This is a small trac containing prayers and conjurations against the plague.”  Bishop Paul Bushe by chris Bushe

Bishop Paul Bushe by chris Bushe
Bishop Paul Bushe by chris Bushe

Bishop Paul Bushe by chris Bushe

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How can football fans live their lives without Stewards? Let us rejoice in their wonder and let rays of sunshine descend onto their heads.

The importance of stewards at football is renowned. I feel so safe when I see the stewards, well trained in social and administration skills, and clearly combat at times too. However clearly those of a Divine nature have the same opinion as evidenced by a single ray of sunshine onto this Steward at Yoevil Football club yesterday.
What would we do without stewards? I must thank the ones yesterday for frisking me so thoroughly to ensure that I was not carrying in items such as plutonium or other radioactive substances, or maybe Semtex cleverly disguised as a football programme, or even a dreaded water bottle. Such attention to the important things in life makes me forgive them for not knowing where such unimportant things are such as gents toilets, refreshment kiosk or why they were attempting to cram a large cohort of Brentford fans into only half the terracing initially. Luckily I engaged them in some counting of numbers activities that extended beyond binary, and all said terracing was then opened. But feel free to suggest what they might have been searching me for?Image

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