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Bishop Paul Bushe 1490- 1558 Bristol Cathedral

Bishop Bushe was the first Bishop of Bristol Cathedral appointed by Henry 8th in 1542. He lasted 12 years before getting married in 1553 and then being thrown out for being a married priest in 1554. Nonetheless he has a decent tomb inside Bristol Cathedral. My interest in all this is that I am descended from him. He wrote some poetry and other small itesm that include, according to Wikipaidia  ” ‘Certayne Gostly Medycynes necessary to be used among well disposed people, to eschew and avoid the comen plage of pestilence’ (Redman, no date). This is a small trac containing prayers and conjurations against the plague.”  Bishop Paul Bushe by chris Bushe

Bishop Paul Bushe by chris Bushe
Bishop Paul Bushe by chris Bushe

Bishop Paul Bushe by chris Bushe

IMG_4739 IMG_4792

Richmond Park, UK

2 dears 2 deerIMG_9380IMG_9295IMG_9353Richmond ParkIMG_9277Today was the first day that really felt like spring might be coming, a little sunshine, no rain and a crisp cold day, so the first good opportunity to visit and photograph the Deer. As a photographer I am not sure what it is but animals do not find me threatening and thus i can often get closer than some to photograph these beautiful creatures. Here are a few images from today.

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