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The Lobo Wolf Park At Antequera in Southern Spain

This is an area next to El Torcal where Wolves live effectively in the wild though a few of them have been socialised.  The park is in the middle of nowehere and finding it is not always so easy situated around an hour north of Malaga but not well known. Even when one arrives in Antequera it is hard to find with  the Spanish not putting signposting high on their agenda.


The options are to go on a small group tour , maybe 6-10 people each tour, sometimes less, or book a photographers tour which they do 10 am when the light is at its best and still quite warm, and that is done with a private guide who also allows you to throw food to the Wolves. Some of the panels in the fences can be removed and at times the Wolves were within feet of myself and my camera.


The photographs speak for themselves really. From around 300 photos I have tried to select here the top 15 which is not easy. There are a mixture of young and old wolves. Alpha males and bottom of the food chain. Enjoy.

I have also put the photos on my photo website where it is easier to view them full size


Spain in 2014. What sort of a place is it now? Benalmadena Costa

Having been coming to Spain for almost 50 years there have been a number of clear changes that are visible to the naked eye. It is clear that with unemployment rates being 50% in the under 24 year olds and 26% in all, things are not good. There are however islands for hope. Firstly many of the British have left and areas like Benalmadena Costa have been at least partially reclaimed by the Spanish. Resultingly there are fewer dreadful ” English Cuisine” restaurants on offer and far more traditional Spanish restaurants. Secondly prices have fallen dramatically. A pint of beer in a decent beachfront bar is rarely more than 1.95 euros. Three course meals tend to be anything from 10-15 euros and often throw in half a bottle of wine. Thirdly, the ecology is changing. Far more birds and far fewer cats. Parakeets abound as do pigeons.  This has become a decent holiday destination, flights to malaga are less than 3 hours from London and cheap. Crime is not visible, surely it happens but safety seems better than say in London. This is a place to re-visit. Lastly, the Spanish do things in different ways. Only the Spanish could have equipement outside their bansk that potentially could be used to break in.

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Aqualand Torremolinos- A Place to avoid in the summer

Aqualand is a great water park, make no mistake. However before yesterday we had only visited in May/June time. Yesterday it was an awful experience and really ought to consider a few aspects of its functioning.

  1. Firstly, car park was small and full meaning that most cars had to park on an odd dusty verge. cost 1 euro
  2. Cost to get in is high 26 euros and one becomes at adult at 10 years of age here!
  3. Pay extra for security locker.  5 euros
  4. Pay extra if you want your own ring ( if you can get one that is), 12 euros
  5. Pay extra for sunbed ( if you can get one).  7 euros for a pair
  6. Pay hideous amounts for ice creams, like 3.30 for a Magnum equivalent
  7. Then queue continuosly for 4 hours for 4 rides!  Something like 20 euros per ride!!

Facilities are good but go there out of season next time. We are. Last comment would be that on a positive side places like this are great for employment. Spain has youth unemployment rates of around 57%, and most of the staff here were not only nice but certaintly under 25 years.

Aqualand. Torremolinos

Aqualand. Torremolinos


Fossilised Bird from Spain

An unusual finding while walking around a swimming pool in Southern Spain. At first I thought it was leaves and twigs in an odd pattern but then when I picked it up realised that it was a fossilised dead bird, totally preserved and totally dried out. I have a number of photos and will post a few more later this week but one to keep you going.

Fossilised Dead Bird

Fossilised Dead Bird

Fabrice Muamba – News Update

During the day there have been a few short updates that only state that he remains critically ill in ITU. Nothing more tangible than that however an important aspect is that is it being reported that it took two hours to get his heart going again. Cardiologists on TV are reporting what we suspected last night that they are thinking along the lines of HOCM as a potential cause ( hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy). This is a disorder in which part of the heart, the main pumping chamber the left ventricle, has a thickened wall. This causes many things but maybe the most common is that the heart becomes liable to serious totally unpredictable arrhytmias and cardiac arrest. The other aspect to hope is that no part of the body was deprived of oxygen for too long ( brain, kidneys etc). Anyway lets be positive and hope that things turn out better than we might have hoped 24 hours ago. 

On a more positive footballing note anyone watching Real Madrid v Malaga would have seen an equalising goal from a free kick in the 92nd minute that was superb. Well worth watching on any catch TV. One of the best goals I have seen this season. Jose Mourinho was not amused

Cruise around Spain

Not so sure what one writes about a whole weeks cruising. Grandeur of the Seas was the boat. A 2 am wake up call for a 6 am flight to Palma and lunch on the boat at 10.30 UK time. Not bad. Appalling lack of food choices at Gatwick and frankly Gatwick and Heathrow must be in competition for the worst airport in the world. Thomson airways, decent charter airline.
the places were quite interesting. Barcelona, Ibiza,Malaga and Gibraltar. No deaths on board this time unlike xmas but there was an emergency helicopter evacuation and a return to port at Malaga because of another medical issue. huge number of dolphins seen in a dolphin safari in gibraltar. What was astonishing though was the food. It was pretty much available 24 hours a day and yet folks had to push and shove in a frenzied way each mealtime. The size of the cohort on board was frankly again worrying and appalling. The average BMI had to have been 30. Photos will follow later this week

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