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The Day Of Democracy. UK Leaves EU

The people have voted as is their right and have voted to Leave.  A few thoughts this morning as I saw the results for the first time. The contrast is the doom and gloom merchants, who may be right but also may be wrong. We really do not know the effects this will have on UK, Gibraltar and Spain, Football, sport in general. Lets hope it is the correct decision. Whereas the overall vote is 52% v 48%, in Gibraltar it was 94% v 6%.

The reality is that despite anyone’s personal views we live in a democracy and that’s presumably what we want. The democratic view is that we want to leave. So we live and respect that. Questions to be asked include should 52 vs 48 % be enough to invoke a decision like this?
No one knows what will actually happen. So the doom and gloom are based on worries and not facts.
What this does tell the country is that previous governments have not listened and certainly not acted on the concerns of the people. Now the people have been asked and we have their decision.
I do not know personally if this is a good or a bad thing and suspect it may take 5 years to answer



Gibraltar. Dont believe in the hype and glamour.

Do not be fooled by the glamarous sounding name, this is a very average place. The people who may thrive here are few but will be folks that like to smoke and drink constantly. Preferably dont eat, or drink coffee , because these vices are incredibly expensive. The fun part of Gibraltar falls into 3 components

  1. Seeing the Rock as you drive along the Southern Spanish coast
  2. The fun of walking across the runway to get into Gibraltar ( the only way, and yes, they give you good warning when the planes are coming)
  3. Dolphin trips in the bay, when there are dolphins to be seen ( and there were none the day in June we went)

The bad things?

  1. Little else really to do ( ok i know the rock and the apes etc……..)
  2. appalling queue to get out as customs frisk each spaniard who is carryinh more than 20 cigarettes ( but interestingly get it right, we saw a woman produce endless packets from around her ample waist, which remained ample afterwards)
  3. Apart from alcohol and tobacco, the price of everything is high. Three cups of tea in Casement Square £10

I bring you the photographic evidence.

Standing on the runway in Gibraltar

Gibraltar Airport Runway with no intruders

Although the Marina is a pleasant place, preferably if you leave your wallet at home, this is more typical type of boat to be seen in the straits

how close the planes are

Not a Yacht

Gibraltar Straits


One of the best things, arguably the only good thing about gibraltar, was the dolphin trip. Apparently we had a huge slice of luck in that more than 100 dolphins were feeding that morning, and normally 3 pm was the time to see the most dolphins. Beautiful creatures.

Dolphins in the Gibraltar Straits



Cruise around Spain

Not so sure what one writes about a whole weeks cruising. Grandeur of the Seas was the boat. A 2 am wake up call for a 6 am flight to Palma and lunch on the boat at 10.30 UK time. Not bad. Appalling lack of food choices at Gatwick and frankly Gatwick and Heathrow must be in competition for the worst airport in the world. Thomson airways, decent charter airline.
the places were quite interesting. Barcelona, Ibiza,Malaga and Gibraltar. No deaths on board this time unlike xmas but there was an emergency helicopter evacuation and a return to port at Malaga because of another medical issue. huge number of dolphins seen in a dolphin safari in gibraltar. What was astonishing though was the food. It was pretty much available 24 hours a day and yet folks had to push and shove in a frenzied way each mealtime. The size of the cohort on board was frankly again worrying and appalling. The average BMI had to have been 30. Photos will follow later this week

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