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The Day Of Democracy. UK Leaves EU

The people have voted as is their right and have voted to Leave.  A few thoughts this morning as I saw the results for the first time. The contrast is the doom and gloom merchants, who may be right but also may be wrong. We really do not know the effects this will have on UK, Gibraltar and Spain, Football, sport in general. Lets hope it is the correct decision. Whereas the overall vote is 52% v 48%, in Gibraltar it was 94% v 6%.

The reality is that despite anyone’s personal views we live in a democracy and that’s presumably what we want. The democratic view is that we want to leave. So we live and respect that. Questions to be asked include should 52 vs 48 % be enough to invoke a decision like this?
No one knows what will actually happen. So the doom and gloom are based on worries and not facts.
What this does tell the country is that previous governments have not listened and certainly not acted on the concerns of the people. Now the people have been asked and we have their decision.
I do not know personally if this is a good or a bad thing and suspect it may take 5 years to answer



The People Of Helsinki

When travelling to other cities and walking around it is a fascinating experience to merely observe the denizens of that city. They do vary city to city. Factors such as age, smoking, fashion and quirkiness all define a city as being different from another. Helsinki is full of polite and very different people certainly from the UK and interestingly other Scandinavian and  Baltic capitals. In short a group of people fascinating to observe. Here are a few examples of the people of Helsinki.


A typical Helsinki couple. Element of distance between them but managing to look cool.


Cigarette and I Phone. A new Oasis song maybe?


Smoking was maybe more common than in other Baltic and Scandinavian countries


A very european image. Attention to the phone but not to where she is walking


Helsinki Fashion


A hard worker


Tourists on the edge


Tourists in their tourist uniforms. Maybe sometone told them Helsinki was freezing?


Far more cyclists than London


On Guard


A hard working man


Finnish fashion may differ from other countries? Again attention to that phone .


The obligatory young persons uniform. Cigarette, headphones and phone. Just dont let the world in


I really have no comment here. What did he ask for at the hairdressers?


A very serious business this guarding

Paintings of Bergen in Norway

More paintings by the British artist Vincent Van B. Bergen sits on the Norwegian coast and I struggled to be captivated by it, in contrast to cities like Stavanger that have something special. Here are a few paintings designed to try and bring Bergen to life and light.

Few interesting turrets floating around. 000000450000005000000065

The Shard

The porcelain poppies live in the moat area around the Tower of London. The Shard looks like it is almost next door. They make great contrasts. It is very difficult to catch the emotion that surrounds the poppies and the darkness that once surrounded the Tower of London where so many were executed. The Shard is over 1000 ft and is the highest Champagne bar in London. Construction started in 2003 and it has 72 floors. The Shard also is the tallest building in the EU. On the 72nd floor at around 800 feet there is an open air observation deck for those who like heights.London Bridge Quarter which incorporates The Shard,  is today jointly owned by the State of Qatar and Sellar Property. If you want to know whats on each floor then Wikipaedia tell us this:


Floors Floor area Space designation
73–87 Spire
68–72 758 m2 (8,159 sq ft) The View from the Shard (observatory)
53–65 5,772 m2 (62,129 sq ft) Residences
34–52 Shangri-La Hotel
31–33 5,945 m2 (63,991 sq ft) Restaurants (Hutong, Oblix and Aqua Shard)
18-28 52,322 m2 (563,189 sq ft) Offices
17 Warwick Business School
16 Future Al Jazeera English and Al Jazeera UK London Studios and Offices
3–15 54,488 m2 (586,504 sq ft) Offices
1–2 6,036 m2 (64,971 sq ft) Retail and office reception
Ground Hotel, restaurant and observatory entrances

The building was completed in November 2012.

Angry Shard
IMG_0264 IMG_0267 IMG_0273 IMG_0279 IMG_0281 IMG_0293 IMG_0294 IMG_0296 IMG_0297

Would you eat Turtle Burgers? Would you eat me?

IMG_5460IMG_5459TurtleResults of an online poll in a great website–Few-eat-turtle-frequently/

Tell us that only 9% of the Grand Cayman population eat Turtle frequently, which is actually 9% too many and 5.6% used to eat Turtle but no longer do so. The debate is complex as the article says. For me however having swum with the turtles it a cruel and obscene idea to eat these beautiful creatures. Here you can see some photos I took last year at the turtle farm.

In the UK and EU we are just starting to get used to the idea that horse meat, presumably from old and debilitated horses, has ended up in burgers, lasagnes and other minced beef products. Turtles do not fall into this category and despite the argument that it is a tradition to eat Turtle we should recall that it has also been a tradition to murder witches and hang/draw/quarter criminals and innocent. They are an endangered species and we should no more eat them than eat next door’s pet cat, dog or horse.


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