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Spain is not an average country. Few examples of total madness. Enjoy

Anyone who has travelled to Spain knows that “mañana” culture is the norm giving a happy relaxed feel to the place. Wherever you go there are examples however of quirkiness, oddness or even madness/stupidity. Lets take the Miracle Bar in Benalmadena Costa where you can drink Paint. Vehicle registrations that consist of the number 0000. The most eveil appalling food in the so called ” VIP” lounge at Malaga airport. Enough, I thought so. The try some Rocked salad……. Miracle Bar Benalmadena Costa
Miracle Bar Benalmadena Costa

imaeege Miracle Bar Benalmadena Costa
Miracle Bar Benalmadena Costa

imaggge imgage irrmage

Aqualand Torremolinos- A Place to avoid in the summer

Aqualand is a great water park, make no mistake. However before yesterday we had only visited in May/June time. Yesterday it was an awful experience and really ought to consider a few aspects of its functioning.

  1. Firstly, car park was small and full meaning that most cars had to park on an odd dusty verge. cost 1 euro
  2. Cost to get in is high 26 euros and one becomes at adult at 10 years of age here!
  3. Pay extra for security locker.  5 euros
  4. Pay extra if you want your own ring ( if you can get one that is), 12 euros
  5. Pay extra for sunbed ( if you can get one).  7 euros for a pair
  6. Pay hideous amounts for ice creams, like 3.30 for a Magnum equivalent
  7. Then queue continuosly for 4 hours for 4 rides!  Something like 20 euros per ride!!

Facilities are good but go there out of season next time. We are. Last comment would be that on a positive side places like this are great for employment. Spain has youth unemployment rates of around 57%, and most of the staff here were not only nice but certaintly under 25 years.

Aqualand. Torremolinos

Aqualand. Torremolinos


Benalmadena Costa. No signs of unemployment here in Spain.

Mariano Rajoy, the Spanish conservative prime minister, is duly announcing to those who will listen that despite unemployment rates of 27%, that rise to 57% amongst the youth, that the worst is over. What this translates to is that unemployment will fall to 25% by 2016. Not overly encouraging. Although not an expert on the economic aspects of Andalucia I have to report based on a week in Benalmadena that there was no evidence of massive unemployment. That observation has to be caveated by the fact that I was hardly looking for unemployed Spanish youth whilst lounging on the beach. There was a single eastern european beggar outside Mercadona ( the Spanish Tesco equivalent). What was obvious though was that there were far fewer British expats and tourists there than before, a linear annual decline. Fewer English type restaurants and bars, and where these had closed down they were replaced by Spanish bars. As a consequence presumably of all this, less tourists and more indigenous Spainish, prices have fallen considerably. A beer would cost 1-2 euros. In the best bar along the beach side Palm 5, a beer cost less than 2 euros. Glass of wine, and thats of a proper size, was 1-2 euros.

The only clear evidence of economic recession was the absence of building of flats and apartments. But frankly the rate they were building 5 years ago was ridiculous. Benalmadena costa may be a nice place but not that nice. But it is not Monaco! Outside our apartment there is a crane towering over a half finished block of apartments. This in itself is not exciting but when put into context that I have taken the same photograph now for 5 years. That crane has not moved in 5 years. The half finished block remains unfinished and I imagine will look just like that next year.


Benalmar Playa

Benalmar Playa


Benalmadena Costa

Benalmadena Costa


Fossilised Bird from Spain

An unusual finding while walking around a swimming pool in Southern Spain. At first I thought it was leaves and twigs in an odd pattern but then when I picked it up realised that it was a fossilised dead bird, totally preserved and totally dried out. I have a number of photos and will post a few more later this week but one to keep you going.

Fossilised Dead Bird

Fossilised Dead Bird

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