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A 3-day old Baby Barn Owl and Adult Barn Owl. Would you recognise them?

Would you know what this was if you were shown this? Not sure that I would. And might you guess that it would grow up to be like this? The baby barn owl was taken in Benalmadena Costa at the top fot eh cable car ride and the adult barn owl at Painshill Park in Cobham

3 day old baby barn owl

Baby Barn Owl


Adult Barn Owl

10 Reasons To Go To Benalmadena Costa

3 day old baby barn owl

1. You can see 3 day old Baby Barn Owls after going up in a cable car to the top of a mountain. You can also see incredible views


2. You can see Leopards in Funegirola Biopark. One of the few zoo type environments that I might bother with.



3. You can see Kestrels also at the top of the mountain



4. The fresh oranges taste like….fresh oranges. buy them daily.


5. The artists along the promenade do amazing portraits for really a low price and their speed is incredible



6. The night cruises from the Marina are fairly cheap and the feel of the summer wind on a boat in the night time is a lovely feeling



7. The nuts cooked in Mijas smell divine and taste just as good. A small bag costs only a few euros



8. Mijas is an example of a pueblo, and although a little touristy if you go at the wrong times when the coach parties descend, there are many occasions when you can almost have the town to yourselves. Coffee in the square is a nice treat



9. The exchange rate with the Euro is good currently and Spain is a cheap country to visit for UK folks

Mijas at night

10. Mijas at night is an interesting place

Aqualand Torremolinos- A Place to avoid in the summer

Aqualand is a great water park, make no mistake. However before yesterday we had only visited in May/June time. Yesterday it was an awful experience and really ought to consider a few aspects of its functioning.

  1. Firstly, car park was small and full meaning that most cars had to park on an odd dusty verge. cost 1 euro
  2. Cost to get in is high 26 euros and one becomes at adult at 10 years of age here!
  3. Pay extra for security locker.  5 euros
  4. Pay extra if you want your own ring ( if you can get one that is), 12 euros
  5. Pay extra for sunbed ( if you can get one).  7 euros for a pair
  6. Pay hideous amounts for ice creams, like 3.30 for a Magnum equivalent
  7. Then queue continuosly for 4 hours for 4 rides!  Something like 20 euros per ride!!

Facilities are good but go there out of season next time. We are. Last comment would be that on a positive side places like this are great for employment. Spain has youth unemployment rates of around 57%, and most of the staff here were not only nice but certaintly under 25 years.

Aqualand. Torremolinos

Aqualand. Torremolinos



apologies for no blogging recently but am still in spain. Southern spain is maybe a little coller than usual and definitely less busy. Pool and Beach etc. Managing to watch some of the football in the bars and charles and I saw that infamous Man u v Arsenal game. We could not believe how bad Arsenal defence was! we were in a bar with some lovely clientele best summarised as “dubious”. Gentleman with ” not guilty” tattoed across his back, which charles thought read ” mr fatty” as was written in some odd font……..
went to Mijas last night for pizza dinner and was nice to be back there. Entertained if that is the right word by Flamenco dancers………..then a guy playing some classical guitar music who was quite good.
somehow charles managed to burn himself on the beach yesterday, dont know quite how as it is his 6th day in the sun and is bright red. No jellyfish around but strangely we did see a squashed tortoise in the road outside the apartment. Bizarre. Where did it come from? First time round I presumed it was some toy but on closer inspection most definitely real. Then last night half a squashed cat in a car parking area………little lizards seem to think it fun to crawl over my foot…..but oddly no mosquitos. Am sure there are usally always some. I also must apologise for my awful spelling which is due partly to this terrible keyboard in the internet cafe. Not even a Mac!!!
anyway we return midnight thursday assuming easyjet allow…….

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