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apologies for no blogging recently but am still in spain. Southern spain is maybe a little coller than usual and definitely less busy. Pool and Beach etc. Managing to watch some of the football in the bars and charles and I saw that infamous Man u v Arsenal game. We could not believe how bad Arsenal defence was! we were in a bar with some lovely clientele best summarised as “dubious”. Gentleman with ” not guilty” tattoed across his back, which charles thought read ” mr fatty” as was written in some odd font……..
went to Mijas last night for pizza dinner and was nice to be back there. Entertained if that is the right word by Flamenco dancers………..then a guy playing some classical guitar music who was quite good.
somehow charles managed to burn himself on the beach yesterday, dont know quite how as it is his 6th day in the sun and is bright red. No jellyfish around but strangely we did see a squashed tortoise in the road outside the apartment. Bizarre. Where did it come from? First time round I presumed it was some toy but on closer inspection most definitely real. Then last night half a squashed cat in a car parking area………little lizards seem to think it fun to crawl over my foot…..but oddly no mosquitos. Am sure there are usally always some. I also must apologise for my awful spelling which is due partly to this terrible keyboard in the internet cafe. Not even a Mac!!!
anyway we return midnight thursday assuming easyjet allow…….

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