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Films and things

Went to see Harry Potter tonight and have to say a seriously average film. Bit of a mystery film really with the mystery being where is the acting? The main characters remind me of table football when you spin the men in a line, they walked around in a line all the time with expressions not far off gormless. Bit of fighting and thats it. Did I understand the ending, well not really. Was Snape Harry’s father? Who knows. And as for the scene 19 years on, they looked like 19 minutes older……….
The high point of the evning though was dinner at Red Peppers in Esher. Using my magical tastecard ( the 50% discount card etc….), whole meal for 3 came to £30 ( of which 15£ was alcohol). Food was great, chicken burrito, yum.

Proverbs. Any good ones that apply to Brentford?

Today I have learnt a few proverbs that I have successfuly failed to learn in 53 years. for example a 17th century proverb ” Fine words butter no parsnips” and ” A drowning man is not troubled by rain”………… these gems are things that the 10 year old is expected to know for a shot at a good school at her sort of 11+ exam thing………Question. How many parents doing successful professional jobs would get in?

Anyway off to update the websites

Brentford. The greatest football club in the world

Uwe Rosler. A pointing sort of manager

Uwe Rosler. A pointing sort of manager

As they say ” we are too big for this league……the barcelona of the lower leagues”. Nonsense really but what a great start to the season yesterday. Brentford winning 2-0 against a decent yoevil team. Crowd of 6300. Great atmosphere. Team played well, worked hard and we saw one of the best celebrations ever seen at Griffin Park. double somersault and flip from Shaleum Logan, the right back who scored the second goal. A little story here. He was given a free transfer from Man city end of last season and is a bit like Ijah Anderson ( if anyone remembers him). Was frozen out at Man city and was not allowed to train with the first team ( suspect some things we dont know about). First goal was a penalty from Gary Alexander who was wearing what charles cruelly described as a turban ( 7 stiches from training accident, presume not a fialed lobotomy). Team were high tempo, and one of the most high tempo games seen for a long while. Yoevil, decent side but not brilliant finishers. Richard Lee made 2 good saves, and has emailed me again to ask if I mind him putting the photos I took and sent him on his website. Of course not!
So based on that have been in a very good mood all weekend. We walked 4 greyhounds today, all would audition well for Scooby doo, ears up and very lively. Tonight off to see Harry Potter in Esher.Another good thing is that we have this card called Tastecard ( costs £30 per year) and gets you 50% off food bill in lots of reastaurants. It is expanding big time and many that we go to are now part of this scheme. No catch at all. Tonight we will visit Red Peppers in Esher before the film.
I have to report a lost tortoise in Paley street. Charles tells me that said tortoise, large size, was allowed to roam and cannot be found. He also denies eating a crunchy cornish pastie with legs…… exactly inside a house can one lose a tortoise? Questions may be asked!
Charles is coming to Spain with us when we go end of august, for a week. His car has problems, a clutch cable we think and Gary is going to sort him out otherwise he is fairly stuck!
More Brentford thoughts. Jake Reeves was not going to have a squad number but was given number 40, and made his professional debut yestreday and is superb!

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