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Carshalton 2 Hastings 0

sometimes one goes to a football game and it sort of restores ones faith in real football. A chiily day with rain being threatened. A Ryman League premier game that was kind of lower mid-table. Carshalton being one place above Hastings and both potentially in danger of filling the last relegation place unless form improved. Crowd of 203 folks were there. judging by the numbers on the terraces at 2.59 around 202 were in the clubhouse bar. The game was an interesting one. Carshalton throughout were the better side and were well organised. I was particularly interested to see how they played as their owner manager Paul dipre has come under serious critscism in the media. Essentially folks saying that he should walk away from managing and keep to owning the club. The problem is that this is thrid time I have seen Carshalton this season and this is the third win I have witnessed. they looked good and well organised and worked hard. In their main striker Paul Vines they have a good finisher at this level and their keeper nick Hamaan was playing his 100th game for them today, and he is good.

The firt half saw no goals however two goals in the second half both poachers chances from vines won the game. Hastings may feel that they were unlucky as Hamaan made 2 good saves and they saw a goal disallowed for offside. But this was a fair result. The photos below tell only some of the story.

  1. The Hastings keeper was yellow carded for a foul on vines outside the box, and should have been sent off. The photo clearly showed that he did not get the ball and did get the man
  2. Why is a Hastings forward on his face in the penalty area as they take a free kick?
  3. Enough shirt and shorts pulling miseed by the referee that would have warranted a number of cards
  4. Was the referee Paul Scholes in disguise?

Anyway enjoy. For me Paul Dipre seems a decent manager based on what I have seen but I suspect that others disagree.



Fabrice Muamba – News Update

During the day there have been a few short updates that only state that he remains critically ill in ITU. Nothing more tangible than that however an important aspect is that is it being reported that it took two hours to get his heart going again. Cardiologists on TV are reporting what we suspected last night that they are thinking along the lines of HOCM as a potential cause ( hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy). This is a disorder in which part of the heart, the main pumping chamber the left ventricle, has a thickened wall. This causes many things but maybe the most common is that the heart becomes liable to serious totally unpredictable arrhytmias and cardiac arrest. The other aspect to hope is that no part of the body was deprived of oxygen for too long ( brain, kidneys etc). Anyway lets be positive and hope that things turn out better than we might have hoped 24 hours ago. 

On a more positive footballing note anyone watching Real Madrid v Malaga would have seen an equalising goal from a free kick in the 92nd minute that was superb. Well worth watching on any catch TV. One of the best goals I have seen this season. Jose Mourinho was not amused

Orient 2 Brentford 0

On arriving home from this game I was about to enter into a full-scale rant but the events around Muamba are so much more important. Nevertheless this was an abysmal performance by Brentford. There was little effort, leadership or anything positive. A huge number of fans braved the Central line to Brisbane Road and were frankly let down. £25 to get in was the first unpleasant surprise. The quality of Brentford’s football was the second. The ground itself is a curious affair. Anyone who cares can look on my football grounds website and see what it used to be like. Now it has housing developments on each corner and the main stand is a mixture of football stand, medical polyclinic and offices. People sit on their balconies and watch the football for free from the corner of the ground.

What can I say about the game? Orient worked harder, were an average side and deserves their win. Harlee Dean the central defender for Brentford was dreadful, but none were much better. Simon Moore the keeper seemed allergic to catching the ball. Before the game Uwe Rosler told us he had a master plan to beat Orient. I can only imagine that the first part of this plan resembled a cunning plan from Baldrick, to gift the opposition two goals. The second part of this masterpiece- not, was to then take off the only two players who looked like making anything happen. I am not a fan of Niall McGinn, but today he seemed to resemble being in the right place a few times, and maybe our best player Saido Berahino, were taken off. Their replacements did zero all second half.

The main stand where Bees fans were also resembled a derelict ground. Many seats had been pulled out or off long ago, replacements were randomised to colour and type ( wood or plastic) or simply not replaced. Appalling for a club that charges £25 a seat.

Anyway confirmation that Brentford have gone backwards this season under Rosler. Not all or maybe many, agree with me, but thats my opinion, right or wrong. Two of our best players left the club, effectively our only strikers, the replacements none of them have gone down a storm. Some of our best players have hardly figured this season,Bean and Weston. We have not developed a team partially because we are full of loan players. end of rant. Also end of me going to away games this season.

The idyllic seating for 25£ for away fans

Curious stand come polyclinic

Fabrice Muamba Bolton Footballer

Very worrying news. He collapsed on the pitch seemingly face down. Had over 6 minutes CPR on the pitch. Taken to hospital  we are told still having CPR. There are many threads on twitter but essentially they all say the same. Pray for /Fabrice Muamba. It is wrong to speculate but as the TV commentators said a cardiac condition seems likely. Something like HOCM which fellow medics will understand. Lets all hope and pray that this ends better than it looks. The commentators and players all looked distraught as well.

A later update tells us that he is critically ill in hospital but the key thing is that he is alive. Once you reach hospital after a cardiac arrest of any kind the chances of survival are very much greater, depending obviously on what the cause might have been. But the questions that remain include if the cardiac muscle is functioning well and if any damage occurred to any other organs. Twitter has been full of footballers, and ordinary fans praying for Fabrice. Let us all hope that he survives this awful event.

As someone who used work as a medic in ITU, I have immense regard and respect for all those who saved his life on the pitch. The club medic and all the staff are truly heroes and makes one realise where maybe the important aspects of life lie.

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