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Fabrice Muamba Bolton Footballer

Very worrying news. He collapsed on the pitch seemingly face down. Had over 6 minutes CPR on the pitch. Taken to hospital  we are told still having CPR. There are many threads on twitter but essentially they all say the same. Pray for /Fabrice Muamba. It is wrong to speculate but as the TV commentators said a cardiac condition seems likely. Something like HOCM which fellow medics will understand. Lets all hope and pray that this ends better than it looks. The commentators and players all looked distraught as well.

A later update tells us that he is critically ill in hospital but the key thing is that he is alive. Once you reach hospital after a cardiac arrest of any kind the chances of survival are very much greater, depending obviously on what the cause might have been. But the questions that remain include if the cardiac muscle is functioning well and if any damage occurred to any other organs. Twitter has been full of footballers, and ordinary fans praying for Fabrice. Let us all hope that he survives this awful event.

As someone who used work as a medic in ITU, I have immense regard and respect for all those who saved his life on the pitch. The club medic and all the staff are truly heroes and makes one realise where maybe the important aspects of life lie.

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