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Help For Heroes

Every so often one of your children does something so surprising that it was beyond the probablity of prediction. In this case 21 yr old son who during his 3 years at Exeter University has become head of their charity operations was successful in obtaining a place in the Bike ride London to Istanbul in aid of Help for Heroes. My small job is to try and get as much sponsorship for him as possible. Hence this post.

In short why not click here and donate something. Does not matter how small.

This is his description of what he is doing.


My name is Charles and i am a student at the University of Exeter. I am part of a team of 14 cyclists who are going to cycle over 4,400 km, through the heat of the summer, across Europe from London to Istanbul.  Although some people may suggest we are mad to attempt it, we are doing it for a very worthwhile cause.

We are raising money for ‘Help for Heroes’ charity and aim to raise at least £20,000. I stress that this is our minimum aim, as we hope to raise as much as possible and hopefully much more than this. We will be raising approximately 34p per cyclist, per km.
We will be cycling around 120km every day, and going through 8 different countries before eventually reaching our desination in Turkey.
We are in the process of raising money by doing a multitude of events; for example in the next few weeks alone we have a 100 hour cycle, many evening events, and even a team leg wax! However the money we hope to raise is a large sum and as such we would much appreciate any money that people are willing to donate.
Any sponsorship that you could donate would be much appreciated not only by myself, but by the entire team and the charity itself! The link below is to my ‘justgiving’ page and as such goes straight to the charity.

If you would like to find out more about our trip then visit our website at:
Thank you,
Charles Bushe
University of Exeter RAG International Event Team Member 2011-2012
University of Exeter RAG Hitch-Hike Coordinator 2011-2012

The Bike Rider

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