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Blackburn rovers 0 wigan 1 . Sadly what was deserved

I am not a fan of premiership football and prefer to watch non-league and lower league teams always, for too many reasons to mention. This season I have wateched Blackburn maybe half a dozen times and their performances are consistent. Very little energy and effort, no evidence of great technical skill, howling complaining fans who want everyone out from the owners, managers through to the man who chooeses the pies. Tonight, more of the same. Wigan are no world beaters lets be sure, but organised, honest and better, yes they were. Always sad to see a club relegated but this was coming 6 months ago.

Dead Fox was not what we expected to find

A sunday afternoon in the rain in Beddington Park Croydon. The aim was getting a motorised boat to work on one of the rivers that runs through. However one is taught that it is important to look out for obstructions such as reeds, sandbanks and now it seems dead foxes. Quite near the edge there was what looked like a young fox, dead in the water almost submerged. The other inhabitants of the park included some noisy herons who refused my kind invitations to sit still at the top of their tree and stop sqwarking so i might humbly photograph them. Egyptian geese that sat in the water surrounded by various debris from croydon, plastic water bottles etc.

Dead Fox below the water

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