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The Food in Barcelona. Rotten octopus pasta.

There is  nothing wrong with Spanish food but what I have been served this week has been in general terms very poor. Let me rant through it. The hotel breakfasts at Diagonal Zero hotel were the same each day, and I don’t mean the same type of food but the same food exactly. What was not eaten was put back. Pineapple with black bits attached of dubious origin appeared each day. Eggs of various descriptions appeared and all uniformly ranging cool to cold in temperature.

Dinner night 1 – in the hotel bar an alleged Salmon Club Sandwich –  well ok, nothing major to complain about

Night 2 – Dinner in Barcelona FC. Set menu. first course smelled of rotten fish and I think was rotten fish ( octopus in ravioli with squid ink sauce) followed by uncooked  steak with vegetables so small that they may have been grown in Gullivers Kingdom . Lukewarm

Night 3 – Tapas. Ok ish. Everything fried. Fried cheese on a stick, fried this, fried that…… vegetable. Lukewarm.

Night 4 – Harmless Burger and chips in hotel

Night 5 – Set menu in restaurant called Limbo. Strange assiette of starters , I assume a sort of Tapas, including deep fried asparagus. Main course of chicken bones in nondescript sauce, all Lukewarm

Maybe this goes down as good food there but for me I just cannot eat uncooked, lukewarm, horrid looking food. And thats why I have lost weight this week in Barcelona. What I would have given for a KFC

Squid Ink surrounds a lukewarm octopus in pasta. Believe me it smelled worse than it tasted.

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