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The nice fresh air of Nottinghamshire

East Midlands Railway. A service from Stagecoach to be avoided. Stuck in the Broken Toilet

East Midlands Trains are on my mind right now. Scenario is this. Happy for them to take 56£ for a single first class ticket from Sheffield to London. Happy to check all tickets. But not happy to actually provide a train that has the right amount of carriages . End result train is packed and luggage is obstructing the aisles. Have I mentioned the broken toilets also? None working that I can find. I will never travel on this awful railway again. The staff are doing their bit but what really can they do. Little in the way of food or drink either free or to buy. The free wi-fi managed to hijack all my top sites and I can assure you that East Midlands railway are bottom in more ways than one. They also apparently are having industrial action next tuesday to thursday, but with this awful level of non-customer service, how will we know the difference? But as I repeat happy to take our money.

now you could not make this up but someone has got stuck in the broken toilets! they have also lost the passenger who was sitting in the seat in front of me and are worried he too has got stuck in the toilet! 

The guard has just announced that the train has toilet trouble.  Questions to the managers are these:

  1. Are you going to refund a significant part of my fare?
  2. What did you think when you started a train without functioning toilets?
  3. Do you care at all about your coal face staff?
  4. Why provide a ” different set”, your words not mine that describes providing 4 carriages when you have taken money for and sold seats for 5?
  5. Why did your wi-fi service hijack all my topsides meaning that I had to find these all over again?
  6. Why are the phone signals so awful? Virgin trains managed to have an enhanced phone signal service all the way from Glasgow to Birmingham yesterday.

    Luggage all over the train. Reminds me of a train from Florence to Milan in the Ash Cloud Debacle 2 years ago

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