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Angry Dentist and Angry Birds. A new App

As always these things happen just before going away, so I suppose thats good, better than happening when away. I do recall a visit to a Greek dentist 20 years ago, whose surgery was the living room and having to trample over people, family maybe, to get in. So,an excruciating pain equals an emergency visit. Three hours of drilling, sanding and filling, with huge sighs. Essentially though he wanted to take the tooth out and give me an implant, and having had an implant that for me was not an option. So Root Canal work it was. As one lies there things flit through the mind. Why cannot the drills be silent? Why does the dental nurse always get moaned at? Why does it cost so much…..but as the pain recedes none of these matter at all. He even tried to explain the dental x-rays to me. I am sure that a chest x-ray or a bone,I might reasonably still interpret, but teeth? were medical students ever taught about teeth? I do not recall such a thing…..

In three weeks time I have Round 2 and he is muttering about using lasers and poking wires into holes, sounds more like Angry Birds to me, now there is a thought. A new App. Angry Dentist……..what a great idea.

In case you are wondering, here is an Angry Bird, a baby owl up the top of a mountain in Benalmadena Costa in Spain

An Angry Bird. Baby Owl in Spain

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