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Barcelona and Bar Obama

I have mixed views about Barcelona. Firstly it is a fantastic city but to see these fantastic bits does need a little bit of detective work. The weather has not been great at all since sunday, raining, thunder and windy at worst and grey and gloomy at best. Today however the sun shone. Due to work reasons my only excursion has been for dinner in the city last night. A Tapas bar at the entrance to Las Ramblas. A serious amount of people were in and half out of the restaurant/bar when we all arrived. Somehow we got a table and were served by a waiter who might have an alternative career as a mexican bandit in his spare time, and probably does as he needs the money, our leader I think forgetting to tip him………

Tapas does not excite me but this was fine. Tapas seems to mean a cholesterol death event mostly but again this was not too bad. The best part of the evening however was Bar Obama next door. This is a place that is highly recommended. Empty at 11.30 and packed beyond belief at 12.30. A singer and guitarist were superb and she had one of the best voices I have heard for a long time. Powerful and effortless.

Sitting here this evening having a quiet evening preparing for a talk tomorrow ( no alcohol and lots of sleep ) I can see the cruise boats on the horizon………………wishing maybe I was onboard

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