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Brentford 3 Wigan 0. Brentford in the Playoffs for Premiership

Almost unbelievable. A slightly subdued Griffin Park watched as miracles happened with Brentford easily marching past Wigan 3-0 and alos missing the obligatory penalty on the way. But a good Bees performance, although they might have scored many more was enough to get them in the playoffs, with Derby losing surpringly at home to Reading 0-3 and Ipswich losing at Blackburn 3-2. So three sides end up on 78 points and only Wolves with the worst goal difference lose out.

A few photos from a semi-pitch invasion that ceased when the crowd were told that the players would not be coming out that friday the pitch was needed for in good condition and they all dispersed in good mood.

River Thames at Brentford

River Thames at Brentford

River Thames at Brentford

River Thames at Brentford

IMG_2549 Tarkowski Penalty Miss....again IMG_2551 IMG_2552 IMG_2553 IMG_2554 IMG_2555 IMG_2561

Blackburn rovers 0 wigan 1 . Sadly what was deserved

I am not a fan of premiership football and prefer to watch non-league and lower league teams always, for too many reasons to mention. This season I have wateched Blackburn maybe half a dozen times and their performances are consistent. Very little energy and effort, no evidence of great technical skill, howling complaining fans who want everyone out from the owners, managers through to the man who chooeses the pies. Tonight, more of the same. Wigan are no world beaters lets be sure, but organised, honest and better, yes they were. Always sad to see a club relegated but this was coming 6 months ago.

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