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The Hosts- A Sheffield band who escaped to a forest called Westonbirt Arboretum.

The Hosts opened the concert in a forest tonight for Suede. Short 30 minute set which was not long enough for the audience at Westonbirt tonight. Never heard of them before. Lead singer has good stage presence and songs were new. Really recommend them. Difficult to describe their music. Rock crossed with a tinge of country and western. Good tunes. Keyboards looked rather like Gary Barlow. Nice also to see the band watching Suede with the rest of the crowd standing on the grass.

Their new album is called Softly Softly and details are here

Album | The Hosts – Softly, Softly


Nicely summed up in music speak “The Hosts have a talented singer with a rich voice, a band who can really play their instruments, and a style which is decidedly retro but with a modern twist. In this world of pop music as king, bands like these don’t get the attention they deserve. For those who love someone, whether requited or not, Softly, Softly is an album to dance to, to love to, to take to your heart and cherish.”
This was one of the Forestry commission concerts and it really works.

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Tom Hogg

Tom Hogg

Tom Hogg

Tom Hogg

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