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Excitement in the Chives

The garden starts to come alive with some sun and water. Poppies do decent impersonations of Triffids. Chives just look great.
chives IMG_8527 copy Triffids copy

New Painting by British Artist Vincent Van B

A new painting entitled Poverty. 

Please do spread the word on this new and exciting young artist. He comes from a hairdressing background, where hairdressing and not painting exist.

Vincent Van B

Vincent Van B

Vincent Van B

Vincent Van B

Birmingham is not such a bad place

The good news is that on my visit there yesterday I found Birmingham City FC easily where Brentford will be paying a visit next season. I also found in the heart of Birmingham, Small Heath, a few unexpected sights. On a warm sunny day Birmingham even with its evil traffic, lack of road signage and far too many cars, looked actually quite cool.

imagbe imagbhe image

Scotland is not a dull country

A few hours in Scotland and what did I see.

  • An hallucination? A real Tram moving at Edinburgh airport.
  • Some amazing light at Dalmahoy Marriott.
  • The smallest dinner in the world, a Gullivers Travels version of a cottage pie, at a not so small price 14.95£.
  • Strange eclectic musicians at Edinburgh airport
  • Amazing clouds on the flight back to London

Scotland is not a dull country.

im22ageimeageittmage tram imacge imagddde image imagedd imageee imagge imvage

Find Gerri Speirs a job. Professional PA

I came across this photograph on twitter and it really spoke to me. a person who is not afraid to go out there and find a job, a person who is creative and a person who is not ashamed to be honest. She deserves to find a job. So maybe we can all forward this on and try and get her the visibility and job she deserves.



Could this be the Smallest portion of Cottage Pie ever?

On a recent business trip I stayed at the Dalmahoy Marriott hotel, a pleasant hotel about 8 miles from the Edinburgh city centre.  I ate my meal in the bar area, called Zest, where one might either have a drink or have a normal dinner.  My choice was Cottage pie, allegedly ” traditional cottage pie”. The cost 14.95£ which for me is fairly high firstly for cottage pie and secondly for any meal in a kind of bar, that does not equate to Gastropub by any stretch of imagination. Please judge for yourself if this size portion is reasonable and feel free to pass this onto your friends too.

The plate is shown clearly and is a small dinner plate!


imeage im22age imavge

SkyDiving in South Africa

Kind of brave to do this and what fabulous photos! I would imagine that the sort of folks that did this would go cage diving with sharks too!


Skydiving imzage

Brentford 2014 Memories. What an amazing year. Photos.

imdageimawgeimageeWarbs and CrownTrottatop of gameKOC2 copyTrotta2Tr5ottaKOCIMG_8270goalChampagne Momen2tBees22Beesactionimage-6image-2image-9image-5imageimage-10image-3image-1Tr5otta

Missing Person Keeley Mayes. Please Send this on.

This 14 year old girl has been reported missing for a week now from Havant area. someone must know where she is. Please forward this on etc. you know what to do. photo


The Winners of Eurovision 2014

Always difficult to predict but this year the music quality is exponentially better than in most previous years. Potential winners include the following but for me Azerbaijain have a special song and Netherlands a particularly haunting song,where their live semi-final version is much better than the pre-recorded version. Just enjoy

  1. ( Netherlands)
  2. (Sweden)
  3. (Azerbaijain)
  4. (UK Molly)


And Iceland will never win but just enjoy!


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