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Birmingham is not such a bad place

The good news is that on my visit there yesterday I found Birmingham City FC easily where Brentford will be paying a visit next season. I also found in the heart of Birmingham, Small Heath, a few unexpected sights. On a warm sunny day Birmingham even with its evil traffic, lack of road signage and far too many cars, looked actually quite cool.

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Scotland is not a dull country

A few hours in Scotland and what did I see.

  • An hallucination? A real Tram moving at Edinburgh airport.
  • Some amazing light at Dalmahoy Marriott.
  • The smallest dinner in the world, a Gullivers Travels version of a cottage pie, at a not so small price 14.95£.
  • Strange eclectic musicians at Edinburgh airport
  • Amazing clouds on the flight back to London

Scotland is not a dull country.

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Find Gerri Speirs a job. Professional PA

I came across this photograph on twitter and it really spoke to me. a person who is not afraid to go out there and find a job, a person who is creative and a person who is not ashamed to be honest. She deserves to find a job. So maybe we can all forward this on and try and get her the visibility and job she deserves.



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