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Could this be the Smallest portion of Cottage Pie ever?

On a recent business trip I stayed at the Dalmahoy Marriott hotel, a pleasant hotel about 8 miles from the Edinburgh city centre.  I ate my meal in the bar area, called Zest, where one might either have a drink or have a normal dinner.  My choice was Cottage pie, allegedly ” traditional cottage pie”. The cost 14.95£ which for me is fairly high firstly for cottage pie and secondly for any meal in a kind of bar, that does not equate to Gastropub by any stretch of imagination. Please judge for yourself if this size portion is reasonable and feel free to pass this onto your friends too.

The plate is shown clearly and is a small dinner plate!


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Marriott Hotels- Why do you rip us off for Wi-Fi and in room beverages?

Yet again I arrive at a Marriott hotel in the UK, in Manchester, and find that one is charged £15 for 24 hours wi-fi. I will repeat my usual rant. Firstly it is rare that anyone stays 24 hours in a hotel, secondly this is the same cost as for a month of top-class broadband/wi-fi from Virgin Media and lastly the quality of this alleged “high speed” broadband is very poor. Wi-Fi is free now in so many places, like USA hotels for example, McDonalds, Krispy Kreme and numerous other local bars/pubs/public places. There really is no excuse for this.

My own view remains unchallenged. When you buy a hotel room you should buy all that you reasonably need, breakfast, car parking, wi-fi, newspaper. These are not luxuries, but pretty much what you have at home. The price charged should reflect this.

To make mattters even worse. There is a mini-bar in the room. Oh yes. Can of Diet Pepsi £2.50. …………..A total disgrace.

Hotels and WiFi and What will hotels do with all those extra foam pillows?


Recently I seem to have travelled a lot and in each hotel it is costing £15 for 24 hours wi-fi. Now a couple of things to mention here

  1. How often does one ever actually stay in a hotel for 24 hours? It is more like 12 hours as the norm. Ever an option to pay 50% of the price? no…..
  2. Wi-fi is free in almost all USA hotels, MacDonalds and various other hostelries
  3. Rarely is one given the option to buy a hotel package that includes wi-fi

This is a total disgrace. I will specifically cite the Marriott hotel in Glasgow because not only did they charge 15£ but the wi-fi reception in my room was appalling and hardly worked.


So Mr Marriott can you please give us free wi-fi, free car parking and in fact everything else that you should give us free ( breakfast in my opinion) and stop ripping us off. One day a hotel chain will do the EasyJet version and provide all this at a knock down price, companies will insist we stay there and then your lovely hotel will be empty. What then will you do with all your extra foam pillows?

End of rant……

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