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Marriott Hotels- Why do you rip us off for Wi-Fi and in room beverages?

Yet again I arrive at a Marriott hotel in the UK, in Manchester, and find that one is charged £15 for 24 hours wi-fi. I will repeat my usual rant. Firstly it is rare that anyone stays 24 hours in a hotel, secondly this is the same cost as for a month of top-class broadband/wi-fi from Virgin Media and lastly the quality of this alleged “high speed” broadband is very poor. Wi-Fi is free now in so many places, like USA hotels for example, McDonalds, Krispy Kreme and numerous other local bars/pubs/public places. There really is no excuse for this.

My own view remains unchallenged. When you buy a hotel room you should buy all that you reasonably need, breakfast, car parking, wi-fi, newspaper. These are not luxuries, but pretty much what you have at home. The price charged should reflect this.

To make mattters even worse. There is a mini-bar in the room. Oh yes. Can of Diet Pepsi £2.50. …………..A total disgrace.

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