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Spilt Milk Society @229 London

Midlands-based Indie/Rock band who write original music and rehearse in their home studio. The band formed in May 2015 and have since made a name by gigging all over the countries, playing house parties and local festivals as well as featuring on BBC INTRODUCING.

They played a great set @229 Great Portland Street thanks to Absent Kelly who put on an amazing line up of acts. Please enjoy a few photographs of this up and coming band.


The Hosts- A Sheffield band who escaped to a forest called Westonbirt Arboretum.

The Hosts opened the concert in a forest tonight for Suede. Short 30 minute set which was not long enough for the audience at Westonbirt tonight. Never heard of them before. Lead singer has good stage presence and songs were new. Really recommend them. Difficult to describe their music. Rock crossed with a tinge of country and western. Good tunes. Keyboards looked rather like Gary Barlow. Nice also to see the band watching Suede with the rest of the crowd standing on the grass.

Their new album is called Softly Softly and details are here

Album | The Hosts – Softly, Softly


Nicely summed up in music speak “The Hosts have a talented singer with a rich voice, a band who can really play their instruments, and a style which is decidedly retro but with a modern twist. In this world of pop music as king, bands like these don’t get the attention they deserve. For those who love someone, whether requited or not, Softly, Softly is an album to dance to, to love to, to take to your heart and cherish.”
This was one of the Forestry commission concerts and it really works.

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Tom Hogg

Tom Hogg

Tom Hogg

Tom Hogg

Brentford Football Club Charity Song for Phillipines. Come on You Brentford

Football fans are not usually associated with melodic tunes nor inspirational lyrics. A group of Brentford fans associated with a local group, According To you, have got together to produce a single entitled ” Come on you Brentford”. This is neither a number one nor does it pretend to be. What it is , is a humble tune sold for a humble price 99p in iTunes. All proceeds going to the Phillipines disaster fund. The music collective “Soundhive” also should take a lot of credit. Korea Foods have paid all the production costs.

Perhaps if everyone who read this could share this information ( and my blog if they like), a few souls will indeed purchase this great little tune. I paid up my 99p this morning and the tune is driving my wife mad but quite liked by my children! A decent result.

Why my passion here? Well having been to the Phillipines a number of times and seen the poverty yet resilience of the folks there, they deserve to be helped. On my main photographic web site my front page is a photo taken of the seafront in Manila. This is no average seafront. This is a family living by rescuing empty bottles from the sea and what is eupemistically termed the beach.  These are real people. Do they types of folks deserve to lose the little that they have through a natural disaster? I do not think so. 99p. What else does that buy? Please do spread this story widely to the media in your area and country and buy the record. And by the way, Brentford are a great little football club in league 1 in England and would love to hear how you all are doing. The link to purchase is below, but iTunes is easy for most


The complete history behind this project can be found on this great website


Boat Family 2 small. jpg

Lucinda Belle Orchestra. Amazing, underrated, consistent and fun

This is the third time that I have had the priviledge of seeing the LBO this year and the second at this same venue. On a miserable wet rainy night the venue was packed and LBO gave another excellent performance. Lucinda Belle is like a lead guitarist and singer except she has no guitar. Her instrument is the Harp which she plays sometimes slow and melodically and sometimes like a rock musician. This band are excellent and deserve to become famous. They sit on that cusp where their fans fill the venues but more media attention is needed. Perhaps the next album due out in early 2013 will do this. the songs from the new album are going to be even better than their first album and last night certainly were played with more emotion. The set was superb, the musicians were superb and sometimes there is a danger of forgetting that a whole band produces the amazing sound. Sheldon Conrich stood out last night not only as a singer, but also as a vocalist he is not too shabby either. He has great stage presence. This was a great set that we all enjoyed. I guess we all need to spread the word and tell others that this band is worth listening to. LBO play a few ( 2 in fact last night) covers, but really a few other bands would do well to play covers of the LBO songs.

The LBO sometimes has a different line-up due to space restrictions and no doubt monetary ones too but the sound is always the same.  Great band, great evening and great chance that they will move onwards and upwards. A word of advice. If you get the chance go and see this band. They are on the cusp of achieving something special. I really hope they just fall over that cusp and end up being as famous as they deserve. Shame that none of the newspapers reported this concert today, shame for them that is. 

A word of advice. If you get the chance go and see this band. They are on the cusp of achieving something special. I really hope they just fall over that cusp and end up being as famous as they deserve. Shame that none of the newspapers reported this concert today, shame for them that is.

Lucinda Belle Orchestra

Lucinda Belle Orchestra


Sheldon Conrich

Robin Mae and the Impressionists

Last night this band played in bar area of the Rose Theatre in kingston and were fantastically recieved. Encore was demanded. Nothing new about this sequence of events until one takes a closer look and you see that the two youngest band members are 11 and 12 years old. No need to make any excuse for age as they are a quality act. Great songs and surprisingly good stage presence for a singer so young. They have talent in abundance and I really think that we saw a star in the making last night. Here are a few photos to give you an idea but the full album sits on my facebook page

Enjoy and when you can go and see them


Robin Mae and the impressionists

Robin Mae and the Impressionists

Robin Mae and the Impressionists

Robin Mae

Robin Mae

Tim Minchin and Band. A priviledge to have been there.

Sometime last week a tweet from Tim Minchin advertised a concert at 100 Club in London for which there were 42 tickets remaining. Two were purchased. The gig was advertised as a humourless affair just music. The venue was a quaint throwback maybe 30 years. A basement under Oxford street with few chairs and two bars, but most importantly a stage. A curious entry procedure which led to a wait of 30 minutes in a slow moving queue due to each person being ticked off a paper list. Beer was 4£ pint, very reasonable. The venue is constructed like a rectangle meaning that it is impossible to be far from the stage.

Tim Minchin came on and announced that this gig was more of an experiment and that they only had 7 songs, he then confessed that he had written one more this afternoon, so eight songs. The music began. The music was simply amazing, enjoyable, whatever…..I felt privileged to have been there at the start of what might become big. No ego’s present. The band and Tim drinking afterwards with the few crowd members remaining and happy to shake my hand and briefly chat, with no eyes-rolled-to-heaven kind of look. Humourless ? I don’t think so. No humour intended but he is just a really funny man. Lots of humour but none that overshadowed the music.

My photos are rubbish taken with the I phone but no-one minded those who brought proper cameras along. I shall spend tomorrow looking to see when he is playing again . This might be big and we were there at the start. That I like.

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