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Woman says her iPhone suddenly overheated and melted. It’s not the first time

I am going to blog on this topic tomorrow but have a read as this is essentially what happened to my phone

How to break into Targo Bank Spanish style

Nothing in Spain surprises me. Enjoy


Fossilised Bird from Spain

An unusual finding while walking around a swimming pool in Southern Spain. At first I thought it was leaves and twigs in an odd pattern but then when I picked it up realised that it was a fossilised dead bird, totally preserved and totally dried out. I have a number of photos and will post a few more later this week but one to keep you going.

Fossilised Dead Bird Fossilised Dead Bird

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Spain in 2014. What sort of a place is it now? Benalmadena Costa

Having been coming to Spain for almost 50 years there have been a number of clear changes that are visible to the naked eye. It is clear that with unemployment rates being 50% in the under 24 year olds and 26% in all, things are not good. There are however islands for hope. Firstly many of the British have left and areas like Benalmadena Costa have been at least partially reclaimed by the Spanish. Resultingly there are fewer dreadful ” English Cuisine” restaurants on offer and far more traditional Spanish restaurants. Secondly prices have fallen dramatically. A pint of beer in a decent beachfront bar is rarely more than 1.95 euros. Three course meals tend to be anything from 10-15 euros and often throw in half a bottle of wine. Thirdly, the ecology is changing. Far more birds and far fewer cats. Parakeets abound as do pigeons. ┬áThis has become a decent holiday destination, flights to malaga are less than 3 hours from London and cheap. Crime is not visible, surely it happens but safety seems better than say in London. This is a place to re-visit. Lastly, the Spanish do things in different ways. Only the Spanish could have equipement outside their bansk that potentially could be used to break in.

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Lizard without a tail

This was a few months ago. I tried to catch a lizard that came into the flat thinking I was being helpful. All I managed to do was pull the end of its tail off which it seems is an escaping manoevre. Anyway this might or might not be the lizard in question!

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Tale of the Dead Lizard

Lizards are commonplace in Spain. All over the wlls, ceilings and plants. This one seemed rather brave allowing me close with my I Phone 4 camera. In fact so brave he stayed there all day and the next day. sadly not an immortal lizard.


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