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Aqualand Torremolinos- A Place to avoid in the summer

Aqualand is a great water park, make no mistake. However before yesterday we had only visited in May/June time. Yesterday it was an awful experience and really ought to consider a few aspects of its functioning.

  1. Firstly, car park was small and full meaning that most cars had to park on an odd dusty verge. cost 1 euro
  2. Cost to get in is high 26 euros and one becomes at adult at 10 years of age here!
  3. Pay extra for security locker.  5 euros
  4. Pay extra if you want your own ring ( if you can get one that is), 12 euros
  5. Pay extra for sunbed ( if you can get one).  7 euros for a pair
  6. Pay hideous amounts for ice creams, like 3.30 for a Magnum equivalent
  7. Then queue continuosly for 4 hours for 4 rides!  Something like 20 euros per ride!!

Facilities are good but go there out of season next time. We are. Last comment would be that on a positive side places like this are great for employment. Spain has youth unemployment rates of around 57%, and most of the staff here were not only nice but certaintly under 25 years.

Aqualand. Torremolinos

Aqualand. Torremolinos


Royal Academy of Art London

A place that I have never before been to but will return. One of our friends is a painter and hence we accompanied them to an exhibition there. All new to me. What did I learn?

  • They sell good ice creams and nice to sit in the courtyard
  • The Royal Society of Chemistry is right next door as in the same courtyard
  • Paintings that are good to one person are not necessarily to another
  • Some paintings looked incredible and others looked like they done in pre-school

All in all a great day out and I might even chance my luck to get some of my photographs accepted for the exhibition. Prices for the paintings and most were for sale, ranged from £100- £100,000. We were with a great UK painter, Ann Wildgust.

Entrance to the Royal Academy

Entrance to the Royal Academy

Apples and Strawberries from New Malden.

As my general growing and farming ability improves, I thought I would share a few decent photos of the first ever apples growing on my Cox’s apple tree and a strawberry.

Strawberry living in New Malden

Strawberry living in New Malden

Apple copy

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