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New Chocolate Brand Painted by Vincent Van B

Vincent Van B

Vincent Van B

vincent van B

vincent van B

Which Painting is Best? Please Vote. St Helena Church





St Helena Church Austerfield South Yorkshire

St Helena Chruch in Austerfield that sits on the border of South Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire is a small church sitting back from the main road almost hidden by a copse of trees. Inside the church is calm and beautiful and with a lovely mellow feeling not at all at the high end of religion . In short it looks a lovely place to worship. Where however it becomes unique is that William Bradford was baptised there around 1590 and he went on to become one of the most important figures of the 17th century by virtue of becoming one of the founding Pilgrim Fathers. Travelling over in the Mayflower to New England where he became Governor of the Pilgrim Colony.

On Bank holiday monday May 5th 2014 the church hosted an excellent art exhibition by a British artist Ann Wildgust.

IMG_8348 IMG_8348s IMG_8350 IMG_8434j IMG_8435 IMG_8445 IMG_8447 IMG_8484 IMG_8486 IMG_8489 Painting

Ann Wildgust – Amazing British Painter

Bank holiday monday in Austerfield, South yorkshire , was a special occasion with an art exhibition from Ann Wildgust that focused strongly on her Italian collection of 16 paintings. In addition paintings relating to the Pilgrim Fathers and the Mayflower were also on display. The exhibition took place in St Helena Church where William Bradford was baptised around 1590. William Bradford became one of the most important figures of the 17th century in New England where he became Governor of the Pilgrim Colony.

IMG_8434j IMG_8435 IMG_8445 IMG_8447 IMG_8489IMG_8486

Royal Academy of Art London

A place that I have never before been to but will return. One of our friends is a painter and hence we accompanied them to an exhibition there. All new to me. What did I learn?

  • They sell good ice creams and nice to sit in the courtyard
  • The Royal Society of Chemistry is right next door as in the same courtyard
  • Paintings that are good to one person are not necessarily to another
  • Some paintings looked incredible and others looked like they done in pre-school

All in all a great day out and I might even chance my luck to get some of my photographs accepted for the exhibition. Prices for the paintings and most were for sale, ranged from £100- £100,000. We were with a great UK painter, Ann Wildgust.

Entrance to the Royal Academy

Entrance to the Royal Academy

Wedding Art Card. Drawn by The Twelve Year Old. Which is the best version?

Friends getting married on friday and they asked for a reprise of some art work done last year in the form of a B and  L, for Bruce and Lisa. Here they are. Which one is best?


crazy Color IMG_0353 version 2 copy version 2 version 3 version 4

Ann Wildgust. A UK painter to watch out for.

Ann Wildgust has her latest exhibition at Holt, a small Norfolk town in UK. A truly superb series of paintings all around a theme. European links with early US settlers, hence some are painted in UK and others in Holland, Leiden. Well worth a visit. What is equally amazing is that Ann has only been painting now for a few years but is starting to attract attention as she is working in different styles and themes. We are fortunate enough to have one of her paintings and another print of one in our house. IMG_7887 2IMG_7880IMG_7871IMG_7875

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