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The Last Strawberry 2013

The few little things that we have grown in the garden this year have actually tasted great, although not exactly kilograms of them. We have a Strawberry plant that has lived outside through snow and whatever weather is thrown at us, and produces happily each year. Today I found a last strawberry hidden away on the plant.

last strawberry copy

Job Needed Gardening for Jimmy Daly Amenity Horticulturist. Stoke

This guy posted this advert online and although I am unlikely to be able to help him I would like to see if anyone else can offer him anything in the Stoke area.


Apples and Strawberries from New Malden.

As my general growing and farming ability improves, I thought I would share a few decent photos of the first ever apples growing on my Cox’s apple tree and a strawberry.

Strawberry living in New Malden

Strawberry living in New Malden

Apple copy

School Gardening Club disrupted by Hand grenade

A bizzare story but a true one. Having dropped 11 year old off at school yesterday and thinking, dull rainy morning, little did I know the excitement that I had missed. At some time before 9 am the bomb disposal team had come and blown up a hand grenade found in the school grounds. The story further goes that it was somewhere within the area that they had allocated for an allotment for the school gardening club. Now after school clubs are often at a premium but sadly not this one which only had 7 members or miscreants depending how one views them. So today they were unable to get to their proposed site and instead had to make to do with a small area just inside the playground.  The 11 year old gleefully told me yesterday that they had been told not to tell the Year 3 children what had happened, so what did they do immediately they got into the playground?

Other than that very little to report. The rain has been coming down most of the day and any  drought has to be that little further away.

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