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A 2 day trip to edinburgh does not sound too terrible but the hassle associated with flying makes it not so desirable. Firstly  we are mostly obliged to use Star Alliance carriers which means BMI, but BMI seem to have cancelled almost all of the routes that I used to use. So if i am travelling from london now I cannot travel to Glasgow, Teeside, Berlin, Leeds/Bradford, and there are vastly reduced numbers of flights to Dublin and Edinburgh. I return BMI fly to places where the human soul does not often contemplate going like Libya and Kazakstahn and Amritsar ( which is where?). So a flight at an inconvenient time means arriving mid-afternoon to a drizzly Edinburgh. The place seemed almost deserted, the bars and restaurants empty where I was, Hilton Grosvenor at Haymarket ( near Hearts football club, who are also in a financial mess and have not paid their players this month).  I ate in the hotel, the food was actually fine but to eat in almost empty, atmosphere free restaurant is not so good. Edinburgh is also being dug up, mainly to build a tram system that no-one wants and which it seems will not go anywhere where people might like it to, like the airport. there are huge holes all over the city and roads closed making it like a complex game of Masquerade  for a taxi driver to find a route to Haymarket.

My meetings however went very well and I learned a little more about Adult ADHD and learned also a new term ” creeping development”. a curious term, which i think means adopting something like a way of working or a clientele that has not been “approved”…..It is a term I already dislike. No camera with me but have added a few shots from a recent trip to North Berwick, a fine place.Coasline near North Berwick

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