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Walton 0 Whitehawk 1

A foggy tuesday evening in Surrey and a decent competitive Ryman League south game resulted in a deserved win for whitehawk. Walton battled but whitehawk were simply better, faster, more physical and scored a neat goal just after half time. No disgrace for Walton to lose here. not sure about the crowd but maybe 100. An evening of real football. A battle is emerging however with elmbridge council over the ground. The ground, called Stompond Lane has been their home for a long time, certainly more than 50 years. They now want the club to effectively merge with the other Ryman League South team in Walton, Walton Casuals, and extend their ground. Stompond Lane will then be the home for 50 houses. I suppose there are a few angles here. Two clubs in Walton in the same league each with average support of around 100 seems a bit of a luxury, but they do have different identities. Having said that, three clubs in Inverness merged maybe 15 years ago and now the merged item sits in the Scottish premier league. Maybe the premiership is a little too far for Walton but certainly Ryman premier or even Conference South might become feasible.

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