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Photos Walton V Crawley Down

Walton and Hersham 4 Crawley Down 1

Brentford were away at Sheff Wed today and although much tempted, it seemed sensible not to travel being away in USA all next week.  So the question of which non-league game to watch. This season I have been put off Walton as although having watched them since almost 50 years now, their season has been awful and my last couple of visitations have been poor. but today,I thought i would give them a chance. they won last week, their second win of the season taking them off the bottom of the table. Today they were playing the team in bottom place who although only having two points less, have a truly terrible goal diference that would defy many mathmeticians already. Altogether a good game. The crowd I would estimate at 100, no away fans at all that were visible. Walton were in control of the whole game with the exception of the last 20 minutes when having given a goal away they took it easy. Walton actually played well, decent football and took their chances. Crawley Down surprised me by the fact they they too played good football but their defence was woeful. The keeper was ok but their defensive set up was simply not there. Walton had a few good players, all it seems having joined them in the last few weeks. Mark Pattison a midfielder was the best with real skill and great finishing, netting two goals, the keeper was solid and a few others caught the eye. not a great team but not a terrible one either. Burger and chips for 3.90 £ reasonable too.

Walton's first goal. Keeper out and nice finish

Mouse Catching

That sort of interesting evening. 10 pm and the 11 year old just in bed and suddenly a shout of ” mouse”. But how does a field mouse get upstairs? It took one hour and three people and 2 cats to corner the mouse. Shadow was the successful cat, Bolt a failure. But in the end shadow caught the mouse and would not let it go, growling at me. options are carry cat downstairs or try and get mouse off cat myself. In the end shadow dropped the mouse, that was quite good at playing dead, and I managed to catch it and carry it outside. where it gave me one of those stunned looks sitting on the pavement. Anyway mouse gone. But how upstairs? Does it have friends there? If it has been living there what did it eat? all too much for midnight…

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