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A nice sunny morning in Indianapolis. The trip out here yesterday was painless really other than at Chicago where immigration did not like my passport. So had to sit in a room for 30 minutes with other folks and then they just said it was OK. So not sure what was wrong. Once before they said they did not like my fingerprints, but then said they were OK too.

The seats on United airlines were not exactly spacious and in fact Air Canada wins on that one but the service and staff were better on United. Travelling through Chicago though you do need 90-120 minutes to be sure to catch your connection. There are not so many signs either. What there are though are hundreds of places to eat. Indeed one can now order on your phone via an App to have food delivered to the gate!!

The bad news is that my moustache is growing for this Movember charity thing. I look ridiculous. I will add a link later so that you can all donate to the charity.


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