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Cruise around Spain

Not so sure what one writes about a whole weeks cruising. Grandeur of the Seas was the boat. A 2 am wake up call for a 6 am flight to Palma and lunch on the boat at 10.30 UK time. Not bad. Appalling lack of food choices at Gatwick and frankly Gatwick and Heathrow must be in competition for the worst airport in the world. Thomson airways, decent charter airline.
the places were quite interesting. Barcelona, Ibiza,Malaga and Gibraltar. No deaths on board this time unlike xmas but there was an emergency helicopter evacuation and a return to port at Malaga because of another medical issue. huge number of dolphins seen in a dolphin safari in gibraltar. What was astonishing though was the food. It was pretty much available 24 hours a day and yet folks had to push and shove in a frenzied way each mealtime. The size of the cohort on board was frankly again worrying and appalling. The average BMI had to have been 30. Photos will follow later this week

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